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Speaking candy crush at now you're familiar with candy crush right i i've never played it you never have known owed player handicraft yet come on i lean a sheltered life candy crush involves e a character named tiffe you are tiffe when you're in this and you run into uh characters in the game like the bubble gum troll uh there is a benny who you meet at easter bunny hills uh mr toffee as another one that you meet mr yet he uh you encounter him a chocolate mountain uh old us odu ass uh who will carry you to dreamworld uh but tiffe is short for top fat that's the main character the game when you play the game in other words congresswoman lawrence was tiffe when she was on the on the floor president speaking and she is tiffe on on candy crush and and as she is playing she's going about two encountering all these different people including milli myllys and other character she encouters now she encouters milli at savory shores and milli is seen crying because her seahorses swam away in the photo no no no that's in a game an again on off she was on this level or not yet but this is what happens in the game and so you are the character uh that that is is trying to uh help melli bring her seahorses back in need all how you do that dick no i don't you play a kazue there you go at that brings the seahorses back and then during the course of the game you can encounter both these characters at coral corral where tiffe mle ride some seahorses after they bring the back with the kazue so this is what brenda lawrence arkansas' woman was doing and then after the address a here is that this is the sole otherworldly after the address she was mad at president trump because president trump had addressed crying to put an end to the.

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