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Welcome to the latest autosport podcast where we will be looking at the lack of call roitman. I'm mark is simmons. Sierras export magazine. And i'm delighted to welcome to guests. The first is a man who was a formula one. Contemporary roy cements. I'm he's still very active today as a commentator of gt well china to europe so he's come from racing against the fittipaldi brothers raving about the plan soul brothers and just a few days ago. It was reunited with formula one penske for in which he won the nineteen seventy six australian grand prix at the goodwood festival of speed. I'm of course talking about john watson. Welcome john offers looking forward to long child about roy. Was it a good experience at goodwin getting back in that penske. Let me just say it was like an old girlfriend. Sometimes you go to work your way around the final runs on sunday. I felt more comfortable uncertainty. Google is a hill that you have to respect the pc four sakazume by doug mock foot and it's very much bearing in mind. It's not a factor penske. It's a privately-owned ca so respect. The car respect the hill. Look after yourself as well and and he didn't have a bid to shave off this time after getting out of it the beginning three gross because row jurors staff. I was mindful of the fact that he likes all drivers to be relatively. I would say clean cups. Clean-shaven whatever so When it was appropriate look tackling trip. I second guess is a veteran. Argentinian journalist and the country's old spoke correspondent for probably more years and caster memberships. And by happy coincidence. He's lived with his family for the past thirty four years in a village where cost rights in the nineties car racing day so a man who despite his name is not related to john. It's tony watson. yes thank you first place for for us. Give me any biting me to be with you this morning. Very touching talking of carlos who had been quite a lot of contacts mostly by telephone these last years and we had always spoken of when he retired in politics that he would come up here and we will do some lapping of the second in which he needed to do but we might do meet up there in having some day and be duck now but it won't happen now just to start with a rayleigh. I'm just talking about collins's career in argentina before he came to europe which started in nineteen sixty five and in europe messed of the drivers would start racing in atp production by call a mini or in john's skies in austin haley sprite and then move into single season and perhaps make their name naming formula three. But what was it. Like for a young argentinian drive at com nineteen sixty five and getting racing but he was about the is old at the time. He didn't to go racing with but two brothers in his native center fee. He was born about seventy miles from the actual city of center for their group to feared Fifteen hundred the decorative wasn't there was another candidate ultra vying for that drive. So the brothers decided on a shootout between these two hopefuls on the hidden and these payrolls of where i live here in la gomera which is about three hundred miles west of santa fe fortunately got to live and he made his Racing debut on mesa yes nineteen sixty five the year that you pointed out marcus on those same all roads on a second. That has got to be known. As the aren't dying not agreeing. Debbie was not too much of a success because some Experimental collecting rods didn't cooperate that day and he only lasted about two or three miles in the race. But things got better for him. It was a month later. Close to culminate in another touring car event. He absolutely clobbered all the opposition with the now more reliable fifteen hundred from then on well he just took off and it was still. It was touring car racing. Wasn't it up. Until am the temperature series at the end of nineteen sixty eight which i think was a single season debut. What was what was the impression he was making up. Until then the broncos also had in the workshop and all ditto mashal formula three shashi. Better not ask me high. Got them so they plunk a one point five rita field into it and you say they entered the car in this country's blue ribbon Five hundred miles of the famous fogel. He was racing games. Be most with engines or front engine. That were about three times. The size will be little and notwithstanding that comments made it to. I think fiscal six place just showed a four hours racing so he was already attracted you can see to single seatings and he admits to have read People like poor freyer and bureau taros. We woke up so a technical about the way he went racing. So you have a good basis now. That was very much. The cost roitman style. Wasn't it john when when he when he was in full array very technical in studious about about the whole aspect of it. Well i i. I think that carlos would be actually nineteen seven david. They automobiles dodger. Tina entered two formula two problems painted white with yellow stripes. Colors royce colors roitman managed by a i would say small-statured hector now don't know to tuna. You might know a second name. Hector would hector. Stop little hector stuff smoulders statue but big personality and character and So that's when i first met carlos and then obviously he started formula one seventy two and he had pulled position for the argentine grand prix. Which i think sort of.

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