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Welcome to the podcast i'm your host joy taylor on today's show while the soaring sixers roll all the way to the nba finals plus matt liner joins the show to break down the top quarterback prospects head of thursday's drafts and tom brady look like a sore loser for not congratulating mic foles after the super bowl skip shannon's let it to it rough night moran skip last night well let's get started with the sixers finished off the heat's last night one of four ninety one and are moving on to the second round joel embiid nineteen points while rebounds invents amin's added fourteen points and ten boards it was the sixers first playoff series win since two thousand twelve after the game dwayne wade called simmons and the quote future of the nba's so did you see that less also rower you saw roy rangel i'm thinking about what's going to happen to more serious but go ahead when these wilby i got the cavs had to cavill you had have almost with them currently now they they do look very very impressed and when you have guys now they didn't shoot three ball particularly well last night jj ready but give they get so many contribution from so many different from so many other guys coming to get your double digit points in be was nineteen and twelve twenty them rettig fourteen ten and six roy so when you get that kind of production and you get bell came off the bench and gave you another levin so when you get that kind of production and makes hard what makes the sixers so difficult to guards if that when they not down to three you guard the line now that means someone in no one is big and skilled is joel in the east well no one eight none of the teams have a guy that contaminate him one on one in the low blonde so they're going to be very difficult to guard and because they're so big sixteen or on the on the front line they.

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