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To be kidding me so what do you think of this is this is the most ridiculous thing ever one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five for eighteen New Jersey fast traffic is still got a big jam on route forty six west bound headed out towards Little Falls we've got EMS activity blocking a right lane right around not throw your jammed all the way back on to route three west bound to read three heavy coming in the Clifton as well this report sponsored by credit karma get your truly free credit scores and free credit monitoring from credit karma today you can download the credit karma app now we've got a crash on two eighty seven self panic this got away approaching exit eight the northbound side little bunching up their part to Edison and up by exit twelve then a pretty slow coming in the Morristown too on the southbound side of two eighty seven once you get south of route ten in Hanover westbound twenty four that's on the brakes out towards two eighty seven you've got to be spelled bunching up his head back down to route seventy eight and on the southbound side of the garden state parkway in ocean county we've got a Christian break approaching exit ninety one you're slow back to exit ninety eight wall self Benson eighteens been companies Brunswick back out to the turnpike then again by old bridge turn pike and at the George Washington bridge just about five to ten minutes leaving New Jersey on both levels twenty minutes for the Lincoln fifteen at the Holland Jeff from New Jersey traffic north Christina stop New Jersey traffic south we're looking at the ladies if you're gonna be traveling on fifty four in Hammonton it's the southbound side of the road after the Atlantic city expressway where there is a broken water main and emergency activity tending to that also in Trenton twenty nine south moving injury one twenty nine it's a crash on the shoulder were jammed back to the area of route one two oh six south around two ninety five slows down and so does everyone both directions in the area of Washington road now to ninety five if you're headed southbound between seventy three and forty two in pockets very congested the northbound side leading into forty two other one sixty eight you hit the brakes and on forty two if you're headed southbound leading into exit for Blackwood Clementon road that's an accident is off on the shoulder but we see in a lot of rubber necking delays right now we're also dealing with an incident Ben Franklin bridge is gonna be the westbound span around mid span we have a stalled vehicle right lanes blocked or bumper to bumper actually it's pretty heavy able directions because this crash traffic every fifteen minutes next.

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