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Mainstream media lost their minds president trump picked up momentum and ultimately became the president's fastforward three hundred sixty five days there is no wall but the economy is doing well help healthcare is a mess but tax cuts may be on the horizon if you had to give a letter grade to president trump rob kendall what would you get him i would give him look b i think unload the book that eat in do with in the con find of the president eight een at what i like on the of emperor eu not really he kid wave of magic wand on the thing i think eat held up into the bargain in terms of appointing a conservative supreme or just beat the constitutional it i think he proposed repeal and replace of obamacare heat proposed tax reform eke can't make but the network now where he failed is he instigate with people he need and i think that hurt m i think it really hurt inland obamacare and i think it's starting to bite him intact war do you think that's a bigger deal then the fact that there is no progress on the wall the fact that he's more of an instigator with people because to me i was promised a wall rob i was promised the wall and were no closer to that now than we were during the debates yeah well look trump's going to go out there with lift with a shovel and and so much border and do it and so you're going to need somebody to on the wall that will lied on the congress and right now that hunger learning very quickly they don't mean trump the trump prompted not that at that but he claimed to be we saw that in alabama when the trump in a law and law big time indicated the war and more we are strange election so i think trump is going to have to learn how to work with the guy he's doing his part but he need the congress to go along with them rob kendall you can hear him every monday through friday nine to eleven along with the chips on the right he's the host and moderator of the match up and it also has a damn find weekend programme here at ninety three wibc rob we appreciate the time they think that.

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