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I know they're very light rumors that they dated which I would love to just put into the atmosphere even further because I would ship that a thousand percent and then there's like more distant like psycho connections where it's like me the red yarn and it's like okay. She played with Aubrey. Who did Aubrey play with? Aubrey played with Sarah. Antoni and Sandra. And maybe that's some kind of connection. Maybe it's jody. Jeremy Jeremy like ooh connection but but so so. I don't know that she's like not I think she's been in the mix she's been in the community. She's gone to stuff. I think Wendell it would be a good person to bring in and Kim in poverty I think would really love working with Air Jordan. Is it possible there. Any Michelle Fitzgerald Gerald ops out there does she have any enemies on this cast or in real life. I mean I don't really see any jar enemies. Four Michelle Michelle. I mean if anyone were to come to mind potentially someone like Benjamin Bergen. I mean not that I think they're necessarily going to dislike each other but there were times when Ben did clash with people on his season and I could see you know. Maybe he gets under her skin or she gets under his skin. I guess if you were to you know a a knock on our on Michelle's early game. She was someone who even though they never went to tribal council. There were some complaints about her her performance mm-hmm and some of the challenges. And I could see maybe not liking that but I think it's sort of a stress. I mean it's possible that they could be close allies and that they could really like each other. I think her personality doesn't really went herself herself to making too many enemies. And it's funny that you pointed out you know Kim Spradlin as someone she could be aligned with because I could really see the two of them getting along and having the strong alliance however I do think if you know if she were to get to the end with someone like Kim. She's going to have to cut him loose. Because even if it's not the case even if the two of them played very comparable games means no one's going to give Michelle any credit if she goes to the end with someone like Kim scrabble. So I do see that and I could also see someone like Jeremy being a strong alliance for her but I think in in terms of like like Allie was saying with the red string of connecting her. Did she play with. And who did these people play with. I think the the better bonds are going to be. Who does she you no? Who Does he vibe? With on a personal level. I think there's really no one that she can't work with which is going to definitely help her in the game okay. Let's try to come up with a outlook for Michelle. I'm really impressed with Michelle. I'd like to everything that I've heard that. She said she played. I think she won when she was twenty four. She comes back five years later. It's nice sweet spot from where you know she sort of new school but you kind of forgot about her. She has so much more life experience as well. I was really impressed. She was at the last know it alls that we did in New York and she was talking about the game and I was like wow like Michelle is really on fire. I'm so impressed with Michelle that I think. She's it's hard for me I. I can't say that she's going to win but I affiliate that she's like right there in the final five but who okay. WHO's her best? I know this is crazy right. It's like so funded of this preseason and stuff because I think honestly these forty people. That'd be hilarious. These people could go out and play the game ten different times and I think ten different outcomes so I think were like fools here trying to do this. Exercise hates for fun. Two weeks fill got filled. The Thai Belichick Doc. So anything can happen in Michelle could be this unbelievable standout player and win the game but like right now for preseason perspective. I'm struggling to find who the final two is. There are that that she beats just based and things change and and the as much as their pre-game alliances and relationships and you hit the beach drive whatever. Br I mean. We're talking we're looking at this like okay. This is the version of the season where Michelle Fitzgerald like dominates the game. But is it possible that there's somebody who's WHO's trying to dominate the game and then ends up bringing Michelle then okay. I'm taking Michelle with me to the final three. Because I know she can't make the fire I don't know why I'm presuming. Maybe Michelle's making the fire. And then she ends up. SORTA like Sandra beating Russell. where she goes she gets taken to the end end by somebody else who thinks they can beat her? And she gives a transcendent final tribal council performance of. Hey you all underestimated you thought you could. Vp but you couldn't and I had this great social game. Everybody here likes me and they don't like you so Shut up. Here's the thing there are. There are so many there are so many super fans on the season. I mean you have someone like Adam client. WHO's a super duper Fan? Wendell is is a big fan of the game and yes us. Michelle is someone who they could potentially work with the flip side of that is where having these thoughts about Michelle before the game where she's someone who could potentially get very far so were they. And maybe that's the only type of thing that could screw her at the beginning if everyone else is having the same thoughts like Oh Michelle. Is someone that everyone's GonNa WanNa work with the volve to the point where they say. Hey got to you know. Vote out the people who are smaller targets locking the way for us to go further because we are the bigger targets restrained. We were talking about the beginning of this. This conversation. Yeah restraint is a weakness. Anything that can be looked at as a strength can also be looked at as a reason to vote somebody out. Here's the other thing with Michelle for the end. Is I almost think people Bush's most likely to get along with and naturally want to work with our her biggest threats so like she the people we haven't really mentioned like Ben People are saying the abuse someone said David said would be good allies for her but but like those are maybe the people she is more likely to beat those the people she's GonNa most naturally want to work with maybe not but we'll see okay all right. Does anybody have a radically different prediction for Michelle. Where do you have Michelle going out? I'M GONNA say Michelle gets to like final five intersects okay all right right there. Maybe even a losing finalist potentially. Yeah what if the edge of extinction person comes back and then they'll like I'm taking Michelle with me to the final three three because I can beat her she beats the edge of extinction person. I think the extinction person is if they're not immune is out right. That's my prediction. I don't know who that's going to be but I think they're out right away away from certainly hope so from your lips to God's ear so I'm just trying to put that out there out there manifest. Okay let's talk about Adam. Klein line is coming up back to survivor alley. I know you are a big Adam clients. Dan I am a big Adam Fan. I worry about Adam I'm a big. I'm just emotionally big in this game of survivor don't seem to be doing great. Here's what I like about him. Two Point Oh Adam one point Oh is like I don't know how old was he like fresh out of Stanford like was he. Twenty Billion Twenty four twenty seven. He's my age now so he's twenty eight now. I think are just turned twenty nine whatever I looked this up today. I'm not a stalker. But what I like but Adam two point oh he's got all the benefits of being the superfan Nerd of atom one point zero plus just the right amount of J. Like Adam said in his in his bio that he's not changed since his season like brushing Your title now is like Motivational Speaker and host. You've been living on an island flipping a coin for how much money you're gonNA have like. You are not the same as you were on the season. I think that's going to be great because he's still going to be the the little nerd that he is That we love no offense if he's listening who knows but he's also also bidding like schilling and living and working hard but playing poker and like living on an island so I think he's got the perfect blend of like the Devon and the J. Okay and the like Adam and Hannah David right okay. All right that's Some smoothie just made three dream contestant. Mr Where's where's David Bloomberg told me about Adam. Kline one point. Oh well I mean one thing that he did specifically in one point Oh was he hid the fact that he was such a big superfan which he can't do this time. He let Zeke get out there and be the big well-known Superfan and he kind of hid behind it and so that that we'll attract attention this time and he also was good it collaborating he had his allies but really in a season that was is known for in the term trust clusters and the pendulum strategy and all those other things it it was loyalty that really carried the day. It because Zeke flipped away from the main alliance. He wanted Adam to come with him. Adam said he wouldn't turn on his allies. He stayed loyal while keeping the lines of communication open so he was able to have all these individual or alliances that kept him informed. And that's that's how he was able to progress in the game. He collaborated and I think he can do something similar this time because he does have these connections with so so many other players that whether they're officially in an alliance or not. I think that he will be helping to protect them. And they will be helping to protect him Jordan. You're another big Adam Klein. Stand on the panel. Yeah I mean in my pros for Adam and David just sort of touched on it. He's a very very good ally. He's a loyal player. He went to rocks for for his alliance. I he played an idol on Hannah. It turned out it only cancelled for out of the nine votes. But you never know it will walls GonNa do so. He potentially could've saved Hannah there if wall was voting against them. But he he's he's also somebody who I think makes very logical arguments to other players in the game and there was a point early on when he was on the minority. After the the Mario Kashi Ashi vote he started really putting it into the people that avow close figgins eller were and how close Jay and Michelle were in that alliance and he. He came with his arguments that he was making other players. He came from their perspective. And I think he's really good at doing that of making. It seem like you know. Don't do this for me. You do this for you. But let's do this together and I think if he's able to do that in this game and also now coming from that you know that's super duper fan status which he's going to have and people might see as a threat but if like you know if he goes up to Boston Rob Rob. I've I've wanted to play survivor with you forever. And he could basically say similar things so you'll and it's you you know it's a Sandra poverty legends of the game..

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