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Off the bat this past fourth of july marked thirty five years since dave righetti threw a no hitter at the boston red sox and old yankee stadium thirty five years it was the first for the yankees since darn larson's no hitter in the world series he retired wade boggs for the final loud dave is unavailable out west this morning but his battery mate is here the current hitting coach for the bradenton marauders the florida state league affiliate of the pittsburgh pirates and for thirty five years he's been boasting he's the real reason righetti through the no hitter back the guy you wore number twenty seven before stanton butch weinberger good morning well that's true right i mean there's no no inter you're the guy put down the signs between you and i i would tell you that i would never say that tv that day we rode his coattails did he shaky off at all you know i've talked to brags about every four i don't recall you know shaking me out very much at all they might have been a couple of occasions and everything but we seem to be on the same page most of the day and it just seemed to be a very smooth transition and i read on it may be a few times not very often he ever catch a no hitter before no i came with i came within one out of one the twins steve lubar had one in texas and i think we came within one out of one before mike hargrove looked hit in another guy gotta hit we ended up losing the shutout too so that was the closest i became i think back and remember that i came to another one what do you remember about a mormon up that day i i remember knowing right you always do hard he was always a fastball slider type guy did notice a little different than his curveball and changeup but that was kind of a secondary pitches that he once in a while in use a whole lot but i really didn't recognize a whole lot until until the game started until to a few winning the game i'm thinking strike change up so we got some funky swings on and everything this could be fun maybe you know we can we're able to slow down a little bit with that change i've been curveball in that's basically what happened that day butch weinberger is with us as we commemorate the thirty fifth anniversary of dave righetti he's no hitter and perhaps you were there that day or you watch the game on television and we welcome your phone calls on the toll free at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six when did you first begin to realize that he had a no hitter going i think you know we we were both the saying you know once once we knew what was going on we kind of stayed away from each other and the teammates and everybody we all did the same thing we just kind of let himself and i didn't really talk about a whole lot i think we had a pretty good plan going into the game beforehand so there really wasn't much to really do and like i said being able to throw the curveball and the change up early mccallum to keep them off balance your jimmy rice and tony armas foxy and that was the real difference in that game that day did they sit back and just look fastball slider everything hard all of a sudden he's able to get ahead with something soft and for me that was the big key he struck out seven of the first nine batters so he was really dealing in early innings and it was it was a hot and muggy july day i know it was going to ask you about that it was really hot it was smoking player movie in the empire behind me a longer but we had so much fun back there and you kinda get my mind off the heat and all of that and keep my mind on right so that that was another fun part of the.

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