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Rare spinal cord tumor my son also has a very rare diagnose the location of where his tumor is and so there's just not a lot of information there is not there's no research available on out there right now that's why he's teamed up with cancer charity Alex's lemonade stand we are pouring lemonade and we're doing it off the bike and today is that just an opportunity for us to engage with the public out here in addition to this new bike Morris says he plans to donate a portion of all his bike sales to Alex's lemonade we also are making a donation of twenty dollars for every bike we sell on going in permanently twenty eight in San Francisco Carrie had a sack KCBS there have been eighty five hundred pieces a spacecraft and satellites that have entered into orbit yeah all of the human history KCBS is Mike Cogan says if SpaceX gets its way there could be five times that number and that's causing some concern to SpaceX wants to launch thirty thousand satellites into low earth orbit that's on top of the twelve thousand already approved after pretty radical increase that's Dr Brian we did during the program planning at the secure world foundation he says the challenges keeping all those satellites separated right now the US military is sort of the leader in the world in tracking what's up there in space but the trump administration has a plan to transfer some of our to the department of commerce and kind of improve how that's done by bringing in more data from international and commercial actors like to eat it says there's no rest to GPS satellites but there may be a risk something like the international space station which is orbiting just below where a lot of these consolations wants to go and so you know if there is a collision great flocks of space debris sort of like in the movie gravity there could be a risk to the space station like Tolkien KCBS a police officer in Milwaukee turned a traffic stop into a hero's mission and CBS news correspondent Deborah Rodriguez has the story officer Kevin Zimmerman pulled over and rally Jackson a single mother of five for driving without proper plates when he looked inside he saw three children in the back without car seats is that it's so many car accidents he had the three that you hate the thought that happened so that when she told him she couldn't afford them officers ever been drove to Walmart bought three car seats and install them himself I thought about my kid and I knew if I wasn't able to afford it I would hope somebody would tell me out I really appreciated though because like he'd have to do that I could have got three ticket this little car seat Jackson's kids grateful for the books and stickers Deborah Rodriguez CBS news well what's the best hospital city in the world a new report says you'll find it in Japan more from CBS news correspondent Peter king the study is from med bell a British online health provider and it says when it comes to infrastructure like medical work force education quality of.

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