ABC, New Zealand, Prime Minister discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


King about tightening gun control laws. ABC's will cars in the city of Christ Church is now a major gun debate taking place in New Zealand. The prime minister says that within the next ten days. She wants to strengthen the gun laws of the country that and could include a ban on semiautomatic rifles here at the same time gun sales have spiked across the country. Many residents concerned that their gun rights could be taken away New Zealand's national police Commissioner Mike Bush on the investigation want to definitely state that we believe that. There was only one Teke responsible for this horrendous event the suspect Brenton Tarrant bought four weapons from a New Zealand gun shop before the attack terror fears rising in the Netherlands police searching for a suspect after a shooting this morning, a new trick. Several people hurt ABC's Ian panel saying they're looking for at least one gunman rule. So hearing counterterrorism police have been deployed and their investigation whether or not this was a terrorist attack blood water. Have hit several midwestern states, at least to have died in Nebraska and hundreds of homes Aravind, damaged officials say hundreds more being flooded in northwest, Missouri in Texas outside Houston of fire at a chemical plant has officials telling people to stay inside ABC reporter Jeff ailing this fire continues to grow in intensity and size. It started out with two tanks Sunday morning catching on fire chemicals used to make gasoline. It does appear that the wind speed and direction has changed somewhat pushing that large smoke a little closer inland where people live there is a mandatory shelter in place for residential living deer park. They're being told not to use their air, conditioners heaters. European officials are asking the British Prime minister this morning to clear up what's happening with Brexit. The deadline to leave the EU now less than two weeks away. You're listening to ABC news..

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