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Wet with a high of 74 whether powered by the basement after it's 78 in Circleville 70 70, your severe weather station, whose radio 6 10 W. TV. Again. The president tweeted today about Franklin counties. Absentee ballot mistake more than 50,000. Voters were sent the wrong ballots due to an error with the scanning machine that the board of elections contracts through an outside vendor in the president's tweet today, he said, the problem is quote out of control and quote a rigged election. However, Ohio secretary of State Frankly, Rose told us earlier in the week it was just a mix up due to that sorting machine, not working properly. Nothing more. Obviously, that kind of thing is completely unacceptable from everything we can tell. It's ah human error on the part of the Franklin County Sort of elections. They accepted that responsibility and we're gonna hold them accountable to get it right. The board says they are printing corrected ballots, which should be received within the next 72 hours. But impacted voters can go to the board of Election Office to get it sorted out in person, if they would like you could always go down. To the early voting center there on Morse Road today, If you want to vote in person, you know, bring the incorrect ballot with you that you received by mail and you can go cast your ballot there in person. If you'd like to course they'll give you the correct one when you when you arrived there. If you think you received the wrong ballot, and you want to check and make sure just get on the Franklin County Board of Election website, Find the address where you are registered to vote and then locate your precinct number. Compare that to and compare it to the ballot you received If the precinct number on the Board of Election website does not match what is on your ballot, then go ahead and call the Board of Elections office to find out exactly what to do next. President says this evening he plans to hold an in person campaign event at the White House tomorrow. It is just less than a week after he was hospitalized with the Corona virus will hold a rally in stand for Sanford, Florida, then on Monday evening. One of the best players in the history of baseball's most successful teams, has died today. York Yankee legendary Left hander Whitey Ford passed away earlier today for help the Yankees win six World championships and 11 American League pennants in his 16 year career. All with New York. Ford was part of a dynasty that included names like Bera, Mantle, Maris and DiMaggio. Ford won the Cy Young in 1961 and was inducted into Cooperstown in 1974 with his good friend, Mickey Mantle. Whitey Ford was 91. I'm my campaign. Ford's passing is now the third death of a Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher in the last six weeks after Tom Seaver and Bob Gibson I'm Allison Y instead connected to Columbus in central Ohio on the hour 30 minutes passed and as news breaks Clear skies tonight will see a low around 60. Partly cloudy skies for your Saturday with some scattered rainshowers, mostly in southern Ohio tomorrow and a high of 77. Currently it is 78 degrees. This is 11 year. MBA Better Cuttino Mobley. This is what's trending from my heart sports network presented by Discount Drug Mart, an MBA title within reach for the Lakers Lake, So we'll play Miami tonight. Game five NBA Finals with a 3 to 1 series lead. Gino Atkins will return to the Bangles defensive lineup this weekend. Atkins will play.

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