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Some do baby that is courtesy of hand trippy and it is to the tune of a train as they appreciated an. I'm thrilled to be joined by my co host. Mr miles it's well most fucking awful time. of the students are coughing and parents are scoffing at mandates. They who is the worst fucking looking time. very okay that was i was just thinking to myself. 'cause i saw that old staples right here on your singer-songwriter all the sudden you know of your aka out in therapy. And you know my. It's been like embrace that part of yourself. You know you don't good at something to say that you do that and i don't know your song. Yes oh shutouts. Is your schnittcher change. I got my therapist. She said i could say her name. I was dead. I keep yes. He's like. I don't mind if you tell people all right this in mind if he did well miles. We are thrilled to be joined in air. Third the comedian and thought leader behind bradley cooper's star is born takes place in alternate reality where nine eleven never took less air tv writer and producer whose work you can see on a couple small outlets called net flicks and cartoon network them. You can hear them on jack. Am hot enrich this. Podcast is self care. Please welcome the hilarious. Kate thank you so much for having me. It's so good to be back here. Welcome back the yellow one. What did what did dream. Yes a lot of you have subdued the yellow. Look today this pops of yellow today. So i am wearing a black and white checkered shirt with pops of sunflowers. Yeah because i didn't invent yellow. And i do almost exclusively wear yellow but i have shifted my style into slutty crazy taxi summer. My current fashion theme some wearing. I'm wearing anything that would kind of be a yellow like nineteen sixties. Taxis so like lots of checker is black and white chequers have made their way into my fashion yellow. And you like abbas aba type source like abbas abbas sort of aesthetic. Yes exactly obvious aba aesthetic. I mean you know. We'll get into the season's technically it is summer but i think it's all right though. I should update the theme of mind. Obviously seasons are obviously a state of mind. Abbas aba what pool. I haven't had forgot about habitat alpha grabs days. I'm that's how bad fuck in. How are what is it. Half baked fucked me up. Because that's like a scene where he's like abbas aba. You're my only friend and this album. And i remember always seven eleven mike manage. It looked like a weird as cab. And then because i fell in love with have bakes. Then i started eating like actually. These are good Yeah it's long lasting fun. I don't think i've had an abbas aba. Since i was like trick or treating age yes and in my neighborhood i was i for whatever reason there was not abbas abbas being handed out were. I'd like never encountered it in halloween. You know out in the wild. Until i did it myself. Seven eleven so. I don't know just to give you an idea of my struggle as a child kate. I just discovered your magnum opus about. Why bradley cooper's star is born takes place in an alternate reality where nine eleven never took place. Yes i'm convinced Key people give them a little. It can't be fully encapsulated. And just you know a teaser. But just to give. They need to go check it out. Watch the wash the entire a powerpoint presentation themselves out. Yes it is a twenty plus minute video essay where i make a very strong case. That bradley cooper stars born starring lady gaga is a movie that takes place in an alternate reality where nine eleven never happened. There's a lot of things to strengthen that thesis statement that i you could just go to my pinch tweet. It's my pinch tweet. Kate raft but you know one of the things is that alec baldwin was like the get the host of snl when allie was the musical guest for the season finale. And i i thought this was back when you know. The movie came out. Trump was president. Alec was doing all the all the trump impressions and i was like. There's no way alec would be the host of the season finale. If this was a universe where trump was president and then. I did a lot of thinking and i realized trump never got elected because nine eleven never happened. And there's so many more things but that's just one of them. Yeah the level of fame of i found very compelling that like he is pre nine eleven famous. He's he's like his genre country as rock. Which like just isn't like a thing that is as popular as it is in the movie right right universe and it kind of was headed in that direction like wilco was getting really popular right right as nine eleven hit and it's like if we kept going on that trajectory exactly and i think that if the dixie chicks didn't get cancelled for saying george bush was bad there would have been a more like politically ambiguous country music scene Whereas like after nine eleven. I feel like it became way more like conservative. Young so nine eleven never happened. It would be more like everybody would listen to country instead of it. Being this like politicized like we love. America genre like this. The film meant to ask get the audience to examine what our world would have looked like had we not just launched into this failed war on terror and exactly exactly as we get to the twenty year anniversary of nine eleven next month. I think it's important for people to watch my part..

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