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And so on about a man. Okay. As we had please calm and talk to us about what admissions, you know, because we had missionaries going to places like believe you and that and when they would visit Poland after few years working there and then coming back for the next time off they would tell us about the exact experiences, and it's always. Always made impression on me. So when I was considering preschool. It was always missionary priest that I never even thought of working in my in my home diets, he says Dyson priest or anything like that for the one I up in disorder the Pettus, but also in all foreign missionaries were the ones who who made the greatest impression on me. And I, and I I always wanted to go some other place to work conservative as a priest. Yeah. I think that's a growing up again in your times the church in existed in in the communist government allowed you to practice your faith up into that point. They're wanting to Catholic schools, but up to that point when Saint John Paul the second became pope was there a shift in the Catholics faith, or or the hope that they would be more freely able to practice their faith after he became pope. I think yes piece of hope definitely because it is coming believing Poland that the pope liberty influential in bringing about Saudi Dari t- movement and fence formation of the political system along with the political pressure that the Soviet Union received from among others United States into time and people what is different about Poland. It was a peaceful. Title transformation, some other countries. Like it'll menu or Easter is there Manege or somewhat of violent event about in in Poland. It was a peaceful transition, and I think the pope's influence was obvious there. An people people. Yes, they lived out their faith that it was that it was a hope especially in church. You know, we could feel free in insurgents at that time. And and I said, even though the government did not promote an agent officially was even against religion was tolerated. And a lot of people participated. I would say even more beg than than than now. You know, now, we have freedom and and a lot of people. Drifted away from Rome tentative, especially in bigger cities. And they under generation for cinci. You're talking about in your call when you're sensing a call to the to the priesthood not wanting or not being felt called to be, you know, maybe a parish priest within pulling but serving a missionary style because of the missionaries who came to where you were. And where there to minister to you. I father alliance chins are one of the other Dasan priests who's from Nigeria kinda tells a similar story that growing up in his village in JIRA that they had these American missionaries common minister to them when he was kids in in that just had such a profound impact on him in in his life that these people from somewhere else in the world would come to bring Jesus Christ to them that they had such a powerful effect that he wanted to then go do the same in his ended up here in the diocese. A Gaylard is well, and so I find that that an interesting kind of connection the two of you had you know, that same experience with the power of of missionaries in in really what? They can do around the world. Yes. Yes. Well, definitely that searching general is a is a missionary church and ever since the beginning of the church that would've issue and Aries who spread the gospel to the Fatah Enso's of of the world as they knew it back, then and and continuous all the way out until until now, of course, some some issue every somebody can even go still to to in different places, but some of the codes to come to the United States and and take on dispense ability. I remember sometime ago father Murphy, who's retired now..

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