Tic Tac, President Trump, Trump Administration discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


E and West San Gabriel Valley. People who live or work in those areas and have heart disease, asthma or other respiratory diseases are advised to minimize outdoor activities. Bill Seward KO Phi News. Holloway Boulevard between Highland Avenue in Orange Drive will be closed beginning Monday to install a permanent street mural Commemorating the June 14th All black lives matter March. The installation will be similar to the original Street painting, which had the words all black lives matter. Work is expected to be completed by Friday. August 28th. The news is sponsored by Mike Diamond. The smell good plumber, Tic Tac, and we chat have sued the Trump Administration, Tic Tac's parent company is going to court over the Trump administration's ban on potential deals between American companies and by dance. President Trump signed an executive order earlier this month in an apparent bid to pressure by dance into dropping the APP. Trump has claimed the Chinese Communist Party can access American user data. A tic Tac insist that information is stored in the US Some US backers of we chatter, also suing, saying the order would effectively stop users in the U. S from using the popular Chinese messaging APP and would violate the constitutional rights of U. S citizens. Microsoft is currently in talks with tick talk about buying it out. Amy King, KFC News and a junk food loving bear has surprise shoppers at a Safeway in the Lake Tahoe area. The Bear walked right through the front doors Thursday in King's Beach, wandered around, grabbed a bag of chips and strolled back out A woman cut it on video and posted it on Facebook. No words on if the Bear's name was Yogi. Gotta work zone in Santa Fe Springs on the 6055605 South.

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