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I'm trying to think of what that hip hop club in the twenties was. I saw Wu Tang there, which was one of the wildest shows I've ever seen whereas literally like fifty five people on stage and they gave everyone a mike which I was like. This executive. Pay That person be fired. Everyone does that need a Michael the stage? But yeah. New York it bums me out that. So many of those been user gone and that we're seeing this happen get the been user disappeared right now through the isolation in pandemic moment. It's so sad it's like this whole pandemic situation as put so much clarity in. So many faults with our society that like just adds to it because nobody like appreciates culture and our as much as they should in a valuable sort of way like you're always like barely scraping by that's yup band break up because they can't really earn enough to like actually make a living and then. You know when it's gone, you know what are you? GonNa, do you know what are you going to be streaming? Like Uh. Hopefully. They get some kind of federal aid or something because I mean. We're not going to be out of this situation anytime soon. Yes. Something has to happen 'cause it I think you're one hundred percent right that you lose a little bit of creativity each generation something like that happens we might have missed and don't laugh at me. We might have missed are Beatles or likely Vita vis vantage. Just like cranking out something we would have never heard because he just didn't have the opportunity or they couldn't break even or they couldn't find a venue. It's a little. It's a little sad. Yeah. Yeah. You moved to New York in the late nineties for graduate school than as a music journalist for a little bit and then where did you go? After that like. The Picking up stray jobs for like a while and whatnot then ended up working for a guy named Jonathan more who ended up founding a club called AP T- which was a pretty groundbreaking video that was in the meatpacking club that.

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