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Class, Footballer Mandarin Is there anything bill again working do outside of order a beer at a bar thanks for joining us on zoom from his native Scotland to close, we wanted to give you some love women's team champion. Women's team speaking of Zoom Chelsea found out they were champions on zoom call with manager a Hayes they were declared champions on a points per game basis just narrowly edging out Man City now have roosevelt it would appear and Arsenal we talked to defender an England international bright. We talked to defender in England international milly bright about just how surreal winning the title. By Zoom was we said in a previous episode that we wanted to give the Chelsea women's team, the respect and adulation that they so rightfully deserved really bright a defender for Chelsea's women's team is joining us now and look I understand that this isn't exactly a parade on a bus throughout the posh parts of London but let this be the the rightful trophy celebration that you so rightfully deserve milly bright joining us here on Chelsea miked up millie first, and foremost, this has to be a bit of a letdown in terms of championship celebrations just staring at my Mug in zoom. Is Not. Exactly. We planned it I think as a team or individually. Yeah, he kinda you've got the trophy. You've got the win you crowned champions Ecus for for much more than not in this current situation. So we'll take the positives, but we will celebrate when the Times Ri- and will do that collectively as a team which we deserved as you've said yeah, we're excited to do both. Most of all we got the trophy in. The crowned champion. So yeah, that's what my I mean. When you're when you're on the training ground, you're working towards your dream. You always envisioned up trophy in front of adoring fans. How'd you find out? You were championed by a group text? So he was actually zoo obviously soon, become the popular thing. Everyone's leading new things new anti skills. Am We actually found out on zoo the whole squad quite regularly to zoom chats district Kane. You know see what the status is in the outside world before all and also just Malacca check in with players and make sure everyone's okay You've been in a small environment and team environment, which is what do you do it and then to being on your own a home finding out. Is. Is kind of a quick moment. But yeah, we We said we'd celebrate what we can get together in person. But yeah ever actually raised a gossip champagne zoom and she was like congrats scales and also you can do really you literally are so limited as to what you can do like you said the I think the main thing would have been lifted in front of the funds have been incredible season so that that's the bill go impart he's not been able to see your family in the crowd cheering Kinda capture those memories raised I think that the things that you can't. Really get back, which is the thing what yet we just have to work for bet ones in the.

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