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Yeah that was one of the most read a book move he's in your head no I think we've had the discussion before yeah we've made you have this gusting what 'cause then you slap yet oh APP is I did spend a lot on the walk too late to talk you and spitting oh no so Yeah Yeah Yeah I get the full context taking it'd be like he just wants them head on yeah and I think that's what you do after I say there but if you want to see the walking out like okay I got you thought some spit gately's minehunters on Netflix I'm too I've heard about that it's too much into my head I don't they're basically trying to get into the mind of serial killers to find out why they killed before they killed this is like when they came up with the whole profile all right yeah you can start calling serial killer that's what I wanna do for this young look I wanna get inside or Hitler really any woman who has no offense but as much as snow yet no offence I just talk us normal upbringing every time I have said he's around oh or hook up with a girl I just thank God what world because I look at myself a lot I told someone today let me my body that one yeah I look to my body like two days ago it's something it's a bad thing I don't know what it is there's so many on even my I have a good via my rat I don't I don't know where that came from but baseball my twist I guess so but like everything so uneven my chest astaire's this man yeah you gotTa Nora I don't have an aura is the height you've never thing you've never seen him with my clothes off like won't I've your legs or your legs we've exit likes yeah she teams again I got sick legs I have uneven nipples I have uneven chester my arms are uneven oh wow I that just doesn't happen three knuckles order is fitted for a suit like can you make the left one longer than the right way because at us three sitting here we can forget that this audio pipe gas get it but I just I've never seen the the most uneven arms I've ever heard that was one hand this is what was imagine telling the tale of late yeah left ones that'd be three inches longer than the right one what did you say cats on the flip side of that today at the airport I saw Idris Elba you talk about a perfect specimen of a human being Adriana Elba do from the wire nope GM similar picture because I'd like to see girl or Guy Gaza guy that's fair if you see like yours yours salmon know who it is I don't I don't think I've seen enough of his stuff to name other stuff was just like boy oh boy people really look like that you say hello who too far away awesome bad Islam but it was on your plane know him wow yeah no I know him he's got the British accent that's not fair he's British yeah wow that's good after I always think you ten times better if you could change voice like that a hundred percent the British actor just bet and I never seen him aboard on us there's like there's only one person in the world that handsome that's how it wasn't even like a double take I was like that's a dream job wow wow now report and I go get like I know he's never had a chance no hair on his beard connects perfectly even a salt and pepper is just that's just the right amount yeah I I've I've got a nose problem is probably right now I have no says that fly out of my nose I realized that dealer day at the ball because it was a fan blowing my hair my hair wasn't blowing my nose hairs would blow man that thing was fucking rollercoaster I have one of the more unique and discussing problems when it comes to my nose once a year I never know when it's coming it's not like I have a stuffy nose like once a year I'll aphids.

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