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The FBI's final report on the Las Vegas concert massacre is silent on the question of motive the FBI special agent in charge in Las Vegas only spec. Relating to the AP in an interview that the shooter may have been trying to obtain some type of infamy these people were enjoying themselves, and he decided to just rain hell on them. And for what reason tire Las Vegas police detective, Michael Jeffries tells connects these cases not uncommon and that they are frustrating for the public and police how do you even get into his head to say how it progressed the shooter took his life in his Mandalay bay hotel, suite after the eleven minute concert massacre, the more than twenty high powered weapons in his hotel room were all purchased legally in the year leading up to the attack. Well, that is Craig figure reporting this morning. The breakdown on why we pay so much for gasoline has always been a little bit murky hasn't it KCBS is Mike Cogan says a mystery twenty cents a gallon surcharge is raising new questions so far. There's no explanation for the explained surcharge state, Senator Jerry hill, we in California pay the highest price for gas per gallon. And we want to make sure that we're getting our money's worth. And if we're spending seventeen billion dollars in cost more than we should that hits the average driver right in the pocket. Hell is one of nineteen legislators asking the state's attorney general to launch an investigation. This does add to the skepticism, and it does add to the concern that we are paying so much and not getting our money's worth for our gas cost and the taxes were paying. So I think we need to vigilant and find out exactly where every penny goes. Turns out we've been paying the mystery surcharge since at least twenty fifteen why Colgan KCBS the woman who was the youngest follower. She was nineteen when she started following Charles Manson will again asked to be freed from prison. Sixty nine year old Leslie Van Houten is serving life at the California Institute for women in San Bernardino county in the town of chino Van Houten was twice recommended for parole. But then governor Jerry Brown blocked, her release Brown said Van Houten still a too much of the blame at Manson for the nine thousand nine hundred sixty nine stabbing deaths of grocer Leno labianca and his wife, Rosemary. Well, they're going to try again officials say the Van Houten has been a model inmate earned a master's degree in counseling and headed programs to help other inmates Oakland transportation officials are hearing from the public about ways to improve e scooter services as the city works to regulate scooter companies KCBS carry Huda. Reports from a public forum in downtown Oakland. Still this love hate relationship. When it comes to e skaters in Oakland,.

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