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York i'm a big big basketball player in a big basketball fan but this story here for loyal or not a bandwagon thing for me i've been with royal since nineteen sixty eight okay i'm sixty eight i'm gonna be sixty eight years old saved my money pumping gas and working at bronx terminal across from yankee stadium that go to basketball camp in new hampshire with the teachers the teachers jerry west jerry lucas rick berry for almost two weeks i got the hang out man with jerry west rick perry and and the jerry lucas this is a story you know this whole oil thing i ended up going to school all in new orleans and my grandmother similar to what you're you know you're you're parrello's my grandmother gave me the money to go the way oh of rome so i've been following and been with loyola with john jay chicago who started the all rome school this whole story it's not only about you guys on the radio being teachers 'cause we can't here a lot of the stories that are on television but you're you're you guys are telling a story not only would you know the game but you you guys are you know you're you're the real sports people by johnny thank you yeah it's it's one of these well oil is on one of these runs that i think i think what it does is it reinforces for me why i care so much about the sport why i like college basketball so much in college basketball has been lampooned and dragged through the mud and criticized and you know there is a lot of hypocrisy and there's a lot of corruption and there's a lot of scandal and i'm not saying i'm not naive to that i'm not ignorant to that i don't i know that it exists i don't put blinders on i don't live in a fairytale or fantasy world where i think that you know the student athletes put academics first and basketball second and it's about you know life lessons and blah blah blah blah blah no.

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