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Like willing to do all these things that he's doing, he met waldman through a Saudi Arabian prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman, who's the country's powerful minister of energy in 2016. This is so random, but also so predictable. After he met this guy Adam waldman, he allegedly cut out most of his inner circle. And that's what he severed ties with his agent, Tracy Jacobs, after three decades. He bad vegan to him? Yep. Well allegedly bad vegan Tim, but waldman also was the one who helped him sue his business manager for failing to pay his taxes and his entertainment lawyer for decades for $50 million for malpractice. And this is according to a report in Vanity Fair. I was also cross checking it with another article in The Hollywood Reporter. But anyway, TLDR, the chief executive of Barbara sturm, and Barbara sturm's husband, is Johnny Depp's like crazy scorched earth attorney who got kicked off of this case because he was leaking confidential materials about Amber Heard to the press. And he's represented Russian oligarchs with ties to Putin. Nick, this is, I mean, I guess we can kiss our free $400 hyaluronic. Yeah, we're not kidding. We're not getting we're not getting any sun drops anytime soon. I know. Wait, this is also breaking news before Adam waldman Barbara sturm was married to Hollywood actor George Hamilton. What? Are you kidding me? I Googled Barbara sturm husband and on alame stock photos. It's her and Hollywood actor George Hamilton and his partner Barbara sturm pose and dusseldorf Germany in July 2009. He receives George Hamilton as the super tan one, right? Yeah. Oh my God. Known for The Godfather part three, rough riders, this guy is prolific. He's been in everything. If you Google him. Yeah, he's the birthmark. He's like super, super, super tan. They were married. Also imelda Mark. Hold on hold on. No judgment. I trust me. I'm not passing judgment on dating older men, but this, okay. Hold on, hold on. I have one more piece of information. Let's do it. Have you heard of imelda Marcos? Yes. She was the wife of the former Philippine president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos. She had like an insane shoe collection lived quite extravagantly while the country was not living like that. Imelda Marcos, this is according to the AP in 1990, allegedly funneled $12 million out of the Philippines through the actor George Hamilton. This is we're entangling a huge, where is this going, Nick? What are we going to do? I feel like George Hamilton received a $6 million loan $4 million of which was secured by his estate and Benedict canyon from Antonio florindo, a Marcos confidante, and then he undertook extensive remodeling of the home and misses Marcos instructed floriano to transfer the mortgage on the house to a shell corporation 84. The shell corporation was a secret entity used by the Marcos to funnel money to Hamilton, holy shit..

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