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To all your favorite slots and table games. Cash in at Cache Creek and by video on Lee get operated HD TVs at better prices in the club stores or online. He gets a couple more. Utah's lead is now 6 72 64 to 40 to go Bradley with the catch on the left side on the deep ball drives in gets Andre Kelly Andres Short, one straight on it's the back of the rim was straight up and then hits the bottom of the Net. 70 66 good touch, not an easy shot. Larson guarded by Foreman to Martinez, rather Carls He's got one dribble. Looking for a place to go. It's the Martinez Brown chasing him. Martinez and his stutter step goes baseline running at a Rome. Now he's got it. Five to shoot Martinez pump fake in the corner 32, and it's gonna be a hold very defense for 26 seconds and then a file. I don't know how. Martinez I have no idea how he did not step out of town. The baseline, right? Yeah, but he didn't know I didn't know. This guy. Mean, let Ze face it. They're auxiliary players have been the difference in this game, and Martinez. It's just had a terrific game for them. He's got 14 and counting. Let me first when he made his commitment to Utah. Two days later, his dad became an assistant coach. And, uh, he's making his dad pretty proud today with the way he has played ever just three tonight has 15 against the Bears looking for 16. So he's five points over his prior season high Him against USC all six points the last six points by Utah at the free throw line. Utah takes 32nd Time out, You tell us 72 Cal 66 It's time for the Bank of the West scoreboard report already did that one forgets. OK, this 29 20 right over the lead over stance was thinking about that in my head. E was think about the two silvers is what I was thinking about was running through my head. I one thing to play. Big time college basketball. No, this year's a tough year. But just think about playing against your brother. I mean, just think. Think of that. It's one thing to play in the backyard, but to get out there and not, you know, sometimes one sits on the bench one place but to actually get out there and compete. That's pretty neat for the this Elvis. And you wonder what it was like a year ago when Oscar to Silver, maybe. In the game at Colorado. We ran into everybody and he went down and when he was down on the floor for a long time, that was scary. That was really scaring you. You know, you get your brother there and you got your folks back in Munich watching the game, but both of those guys there High level young men. In addition, being good basketball players gotta know Oscar little bit impact called media days and you know, we talked earlier in the show when we were looking at the scoreboard report. A huge game for both those teams is huge, and you really don't know who it's more important for. I mean, Colorado has got the highest net right percentage. Or ranking in the conference. Top 20 in the conference are in the nation, but and Stanford there on the bubble, so there's probably more pressure on Stanford there at home, right. You can't lose. Home games down the stretch. There's have the bowl. They inbounded to Brown. Two minutes to go. Utah 72 Cal 66 Brown picked up by martinis, 378. Career day so far, Joel going to get it to Bradley guarded by Alan Matt. On the left side, we'll clear out. Matt can do what you want now is gonna drive left side all the way into the rack. Matt finishes there's screaming. There should have been a foul. I don't just say it was the secondary defender. I mean there was contact 72 68 1 35 to go Mark Fox, still hot under the collar on that one. Martinez has got it. Now. Give it to Larson 13 to shoot 12 1 25 to go, Larson. With the dribble with a shake of top. Not gonna drive left side acrobatic shot. No good, but he got fouled on the ends up going right over the hurt rental signs on his backside. Just got to be able to defend without following In the last two minutes. The Bears have been able to do that, you know, and Larson He gets the high screen from Carlson and then he's He's on the fly and poor Joel Brown when he's been screened, and he's trying to catch up and nobody steps in to take a charge. And be on ball defender who was defending the guy that was screening didn't step out. T Shave him. That's one thing the Bears don't do. Much of a lot of teams will shade, you know, pop out the Bears do it a little bit, but not as much as some other teams and that was a classic case where you've got to be able to shake. You've got to make him Away from that straight line. Dr. Larson knocks down a couple no surprise. He entered the game in 91% free throw shooter 22 24 back to six for Utah. 74 68 1 13 to go. Forman, That's top little shake was over to Brown Brown catch back to the scale of anticipates Bounce pass down to Bradley on the right side, Matt. It's a double team lost the ball young tune and picks it away. Gets it, Alan. One minute to go Now, the bears in a heap of trouble, Martinez in the corner thought about it. No. Why? Why is not to pull the trigger on that one still 48 seconds. Kill brown out there making things tough for Larson. It's gonna be a foul on Joel is number one in white number one and red end up. The pile of humanity at the half court line driving that last possession kind of said it all for me in some regards in that bears were trying to post up Matt Bradley..

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