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If you could just get some dates on the board immediately immediately you could put this to rest health updates Serra Lee Kessler NBC news radio three potter author JK rolling has announced a new book J. K. Rowling has a new book and it has nothing to do with Harry potter the author announced he is releasing the new children's book the Xbox it's Rawlings first novel that doesn't take place at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry according to our website be it could bog is a story about truth and the abuse of power she added the idea came to her well over a decade ago so it's not a response to what's happening in the world right now although she stated the themes are timeless the first two chapters are available online for free with daily installments being released through July tenth on the Xbox website full book will be available in November a woman is trying to raise awareness of the danger of a five dollar house plant after it poison her dog Jill NATO has that story Katie Wagner in Wisconsin is heartbroken after her French bulldog Willie died from eating a saga palm it's a cheap plant you see for sale a plenty of stores she had no idea it was deadly until the only got into that plant Wagner posted on Facebook please research your house plants prior to purchasing the ASPCA has a website told to prevent this sort of tragedy do a search for a S. PCA dot org and poisonous plants there you'll find a list of hundreds upon hundreds of plants dangerous to animals everything from African violets this any as I had to dig up a sago palm in my backyard because a bad pick me up that big the French bulldog there's a lot of plants yeah very poisonous so for me because I have cats and thirty two of them yes Lilis does any kind of lily is should there just deadly you want to know Pollino nothing really careful interesting I think that the idea is that the American veterinary association but it's anyway if you Google it you can find a whole list of clients just keep them out of your house yeah just keep a map even geraniums I think that you know I don't know that's normally an outdoor plant for me so yeah yeah I'm I'm sorry I was talking about outdoors for dogs so you know you there's just so many so just be really really careful yeah a rare sighting for the memorial weekend beach goers that story is on the.

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