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So i read and he stayed with her grandmother ana other family members and we talk to women in this tiny little village in india and so were were saying you know tell us about your menopause and they would look at us and say and talk about their menstruation for talk about their breast feeding or talk about their child birth and we'd say okay that's great interesting thank you tell us about your menopause and they would just look at us because they had nothing to say it was such a nonevent in their life and then it became certain money because here we were coming from the united states looking for something that they didn't have to offer in a sense and we only met one woman who even had an idea of what we thought of what a hot flashes are and i mean even what we learned in bangladesh is that when we just crime hot flashes to a study participant we need to be careful because in bangladesh they would say well what do you mean by hot flash and they're the words were goram bob laga something uh i mean that's but it looks like on paper goram mob log means feeling steaming hot and we would reestablish and well it's it's sort of sheer sort of in a center the chest he goes up your knack and it's in bald faced and they would all just looking nod politely at us an and then we had them to raw on a body diagram where they felt their hot flashes and the sixty eight percent of the women put their hot flashes on the top of their head and here in the united states we almost never talk about hot flashes on the top of the head but they actually also talked about hot flashes as the feeling of smoke coming from the top of their head so they were experiencing these hot flag.

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