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Will return and share book on the yeah so we'll be what is your dvd umbrellas of sherbrooke is definitely worth seeing i'm going to skate completely off piste here or ski peace rather and choose something that's not on the list but is i next okay which is a unique books early who fan films which is a he's a taiwanese filmmaker who recently had the assassin you can't think it was two or three years ago that was really intensely beautiful martial arts period saga he'll drives the film called three times his early work from that from the eighteenth is basically on in this country on this early hoesch box set aims to correct i've only seen one film in it which is the boys from from quaid there's also cute girl on the green green grass of home but the boys from quaid is so beautiful and just completely it miraculously absorbing piece of filmmaking i'm desperate to see these other two three young men who live in a remote fishing village they make the big city decided to lord up all lots together but instead the himself maturing through encounters with romance and crime and responsibility of working things the details of nineteen eightythree time city life art exquisitely attended to such a great observational filmmaking style that who developed not point in his career that really really rings i in films like end in three times i am very very very keen to revisit the other two to to discover the first two as i say unto revisit the start one as well so that's my pick is not on the list insert play and specifically the boys of fung quay is the one that i've seen.

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