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The house passes the president's covert relief plan a key step toward getting stimulus checks to many Americans on Capitol Hill. I'm Mitchell Miller, a panel of FDA experts endorses Johnson and Johnson's covert 19 vaccine. Conservatives. They're meeting in Orlando for their annual gathering and we'll be hearing from Donald Trump. Tomorrow. We're discussing black farmers in America in this week's episode of her colors. Podcast will have an excerpt. W T o p News time 3 31. Houses past President Biden's nearly $2 trillion pandemic relief package. It now goes to the Senate. W T. O P. S. Mitchell Miller has more from Capitol Hill, Georgia Democrat Lucy McBath says the president's plan can accelerate distribution of the vaccine, and it's a bill that provides vital economic relief to American families who need our support. The legislation includes $1400 checks for Americans earning under $75,000. And would boost weekly federal unemployment benefits to $400. But the House's top Republican Kevin McCarthy, says it also includes billions of dollars and Democrats priorities that won't directly address the pandemic. 95% of the funding in this bill isn't even scheduled to be spent for another year, creating more uncertainty for families on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, W T. O P News the New Johnson and Johnson Corona virus vaccine will likely be available for the public soon is a panel of Food and Drug Administration experts ruled that It does protect people against Cove in 19, CNN senior health editor Maggie Fox. They said that it was a pretty easy decision to them. They said that the data clearly showed that this vaccine is not only effective in preventing severe Corona virus infections, but that it's also a very safe vaccine. So this committee, these advisers to the FDA voted unanimously to recommend that the FDA give emergency use authorization to the vaccine. Now the acting commissioner of the FDA, Dr Janet Woodcock, has issued a statement saying that she plans to do that very quickly. Shipments of a few million doses could begin as early as tomorrow. We're Monday By the administration has confirmed what was long. Suspected. Declassified. U. S Intelligence report puts the blame for the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Kashiwagi on the shoulders of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia here, CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan the Trump Administration sanctions 17 Saudi officials in 2018, but did not punish the Crown Prince for his role. Mr President, President Biden also avoided action against the heir to the throne of this key U. S ally. Stir. Biden did sanction the operations Ringleader and the Crown Princes security squad and advocacy group founded by Kashiwagi Democracy for the Arab world, now is calling on the president to impose sanctions on principle humped. White House is defending air strikes launched Thursday in Syria and warning Iran that it'll face consequences for supporting militias that target the U. S. President Biden says Tehran can't act with impunity and that it can expect consequences for supporting militia groups that threaten US interests over personnel. Press Secretary Jen Psaki with reporters on Air Force one, the president took this action pursuant to his article to authority to defend U. S personnel. The targets were chosen to score correspond to the recent attacks on facilities and to deter the risk of additional attacks over the coming weeks. There's been some criticism of the airstrikes coming from Democrats in Congress who say lawmakers should have voted on whether to authorize military action and some legal experts who said the bombings in Syria violate international law. Jackie Quinn, Washington Just ahead and w T O p the lead up speeches at the CPAC gathering head of former President Trump's appearance, too. Morrow. It's 3 34. Are you single and surviving this pandemic all alone? Do you wonder how you're going to meet new people and even date as the world begins to open back up? Are you over online dating and virtual gatherings. Then it's time you joined my social calendar. My social calendar is a nationwide.

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