Phillies, Diamondbacks, BAX discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast


All right continuing on phillies get another win they actually take the final game and that series from the diamondbacks who took the first two bax still rolling along there in the anno west as they look to extend their look to centrally couldn't quite do it in this in this one giants dodgers so scuffling there in the middle of that in the middle of that division along with the rockies too but the phillies take care of the diamondbacks getting the win their zach rank he took the loss jake arrieta win for him his third of the year he's three you know what the one eight two year looking mighty good for the phillies as the cubs looking over like what the heck did we do not signing this guy there there with the darvish and jose can tana interesting have with that so area went seven innings allowed only one earned run but three total on four hits walked to struck out to not big strikeout night for you get the ball in play a lot diamondbacks jack ranking not so much as he gave went six innings allowed five runs on nine hits district out nine walked going to give a homer in that game to alter his third the year continuing on wednesday tampa bay and the baltimore orioles played out at camden yards kind the two cellar dwellers out there in the in the al east definite the beasts in the east but it was a win for the raise.

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