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President Trump is voicing concern about the integrity of the upcoming election turbine in the Democrat. Extremely suppose alot of these efforts towards your election integrity to the pose voter ID. Think of it, whether picture picture for almost everything nowadays, but we don't want to put you have a picture to get through the Democrat nationals at a White House press conference, Trump questioned at the reliability of mail in voting in November. He claims there have been numerous instances of issues around voting by mail trumps Joe Biden and Democrats oppose efforts to make elections more secure. He pointed toe opposition to voter ID laws and said Democrats opposed all safety measures that would make elections more secure. Former White House counsel Don McGahn, says Amy Cockney Barrett deserves to be on the Supreme Court for Scalia came a protege of his I think she's a fantastic judge. There's no reason why the Senate's couldn't confirm her on CBS's face. The Nation began noted that Barrett was a new federal judge. The last time President Trump got to nominate somebody to the nation's highest court. Began, insisted Judge Brett Kavanaugh was the right choice back then. But Barrett is the right person. This time around again also pushed back against claims that barrettes confirmation is being rushed. Former Trump Campaign manager Bread par scale is being held at a hospital after barricading himself in his Florida home bar Scales wife reportedly called police after he was threatening to harm himself. His wife told officers he was armed. South Florida Sun Sentinel, reports par Scale didn't threaten police and was taken to the hospital under Florida's Baker Act that allows police to detain people who potentially pose a threat to themselves or others. The CEO of American Airlines is holding out hope that Congress will act to help his industry on CBS's face. The Nation, Doug Parker noted there's bipartisan support on the issue of helping airlines continue to whether the Corona virus pandemic. However, he said they need something passed into law. I'm at Madison Just days before the scheduled reopening of New York City schools. The principal's union calls for the state to seize control of the school system from the mayor David Folk, Thomas reports in a stunning rebuke of Mayor de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, the C S a union declaring Sunday a unanimous vote of no confidence, saying it was taking the unprecedented step of seeking state intervention, partly because there are more than 200 elementary school principals who still need a total of 1200. Teachers before K through eight on site instruction begins Tuesday. Middle and high school students report Thursday. The mayor has twice delayed the start of in person classes due to Corona virus concerns. David Folk Thomas reporting. Authorities in southwest Texas are warning of a brain eating amoeba they found in the water supply. Lisa Taylor with MME. Or the discovery of the single celled parasite is the reason for a do not use water advisory. Now, in effect for several cities and communities south of Houston residents are being told not to drink or use the tap water, including for bathing all of this after six year old just sayin. McIntyre died September 8th at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. Doctors told Messiahs mom the cause was due to an amoeba infection. He's insanely reporting Ah federal judges blocking the Trump administration's ban on TIC tac from going into effect. The temporary injunction came just hours before downloads of the video sharing APP were set to be banned due to TIC Tac's parent company's links with China. Tech giant Oracle is set to buy Tic Tac from Beit Dance in an effort to ensure the APP remains active in the US And the cast of the HBO political comedy series Veep is going to reunite for a benefit aimed at boosting former Vice President Joe Biden is presidential campaign veep star Julia Louis Dreyfus tweeted that the October 4th Livestream performance will also raise money for the Wisconsin Democratic Party because America's dairy.

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