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Ellen blade and lay he what we've got here is faye ear okay following has been rated pc for politically correct attention to dissuade it does say larry elder the larry over here that save from south central the print the bill union ana said the great held earthy domo enzo welcome to the program that allowed because we got accredited they guaranteed no goes triple eight nine seven one s eight eight triple eight nine seven one seven two four three oj simpson may be free we're going to revisit the famous johnnie cochran closing argument also bernie sanders insists that sweden is a socialist paradise we've been trying to talk about how sweden gut wealthy and it didn't get wealthy the bernie sanders way all of that coming up in the last hour we're talking about this impeachment talk and j secular who's the pit dog lawyer that donald trump was hired did his round on the sunday chat shows in raised i think perfectly legitimate and very uncomfortable question and that is why isn't there an fbi investigation hillary clinton the dnc and ukraine now last hour we talked about the the fact that janet reno did not appoint an independent counsel to investigate china gate even though the head of the fbi louis freeh said if there's any reason for an independent counsel it is this reason get janet reno did not do it here's what j secular said about the failure of an investigation of the connection between the hurricane pain and ukraine ben trump's legal team j good to see was always a this week a number of the executives expressed disappointment after reading the emails from donald trump jr in which he expressed glee at the prospect of getting dirt and hillary clinton from what he thought would be a russian government this is what charles krauthammer conservative columnist had the say quote the russia scandal has entered a new phase and there's no going back this is not here say not fake news not unsourced leaks what donald junior and chris perry manafort did may not be criminal but it but it is not merely stupid it is also deeply wong a fundamental violation of any code of civic honor are you willing to acknowledge that regardless of the legality here this i was.

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