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I am personally triggered and offended because the men next to me. Decided to take out his nail clippers and start flipping phys now In front of everyone which is not chard flying everywhere suspending. Fucking kidding me. That is the thing your nails in public should not be absolutely frigging not get manny pet day of the places that the fucking airport. I know it's like sixty five dollars for a light. Buffon's shine on your nails but don't clip your fucking nails. That happened to me. Once lady clipped her nails and then she threw on the floor and I went a shit this before passengers shaming. This was like eight years ago. And I'm GonNa shut and flight attendant. Brought me a drink. Because she said thank you. Thank you for sticking up for us. You know it's just it's advocate. Don't act like a horse's ass you're grown ass man and I bet you're doing that commute between Baltimore and El Paso running your fortune. Five hundred company and you have the audacity to clip your nails next to one of my listeners. Meet us at the Beverly Center. Let's fucking go donkey but the name of that has to be meet me at the Beverly Center. Right next voicemail. It's fucking grows like don't be an asshole. It's a health hazard. It's a hazard you know. There's recycled air in an airplane. But I gotTA breathe. And you're fucking dead nails party Brandon and farts knowing. Bring the nails utilised wild to me that people actually fired on an airplane. We have to. It's actually the best place too far it because you can fart undetected on an airplane. How because it's so loud and it's already shaken Ra's catering now what happens to your body when you pass gas. It's already loud and it's already shaky I don't know what kind of proctology you need to see. But that's insane. You know what I'm talking about. I don't I'm not doing ass ripper. Wow Wow Michelle. Wow your your colon truth just came out in the plane's shaking that stuff this bitch is so stupid how she got hired here never know getting love usual meter at the Beverly Center. Should I maybe pick up a side job of doing voiceovers for wwe? Let's try one ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday night raw? That is so good. They all have names like Texas thunder like coming up to the ring. Hp Heather Haney H. Jokes. Because I don't have it. Everyone has everyone has it. I know it's dormant in my body but I actually. It hasn't come to a head yet like I don't know a single one of my girlfriends married single any of them who don't have it. Oh Yeah my mom has girlfriends her age. Who are who are now getting it. It's trendy at this point. Yeah a really is but I make the job. It hasn't come out yet. Knock on one. You know whenever you save but I got the guard isil shot. That's my other thing Jeff. Hit by a bus tomorrow. I I would trust no one to like sleep with anybody. I I would need a full fucking blood sample. I need a stool sample. I need call your mother I. I just don't trust anyone. I completely agree under the age of twenty seven. One in three people has herpes. Herp one in three herp alert. One in three meat is at the Beverly Center. Wow I mean fuck one. In three you said one. In Three Gorges Loins gird gird. Fuck I said this on instagram and somebody gets does like it's Gerd. I feel like guard works though but see I have gerd which is Gastro esophageal reflux disease which is acid reflux. So that's why I don't go for go more for guard. Would I feel it should be guarding your loins like watch your penis? Yeah what does the Word Gert? Google gird means curd. What Oh okay. Oh Gre Lee. Specific Gird verb encircle. A person are part of the body with a belt or band example. A young man was to be girded with the belt of Knighthood. Oh okay too complicated. That's too old school. As far as I'm concerned. Guard your loins yet guys. That's the biggest thing. Okay going. Back to Ashley's voicemail from Houston. Warn your mom and dad about getting back dating. I'm not even kidding you. My mom has a friend who is in her late sixty. She started dating this guy she met him on like it was something like. Armenian people meet DOT. Net like literally is like a very mad specific. I mean for any ethnicity any race. There's this very specific You know it's like methodist dot com. She met this guy he'd never been married. They've been dating she got to. Std's from him and she is a sixty five year old woman. She got gonorrhea. Which gets you can take a prescription for in. She got the HPD's to from a grown man. You never thinking about people. I mean I know that there's at Retirement community down in Florida. What is it a fuck Sun Valley or one of those where they have the highest rate of? Std's because when you get you know give you don't give a fuck whatever whatever yeah and. I don't think sixty five an old age you know I mean but you're just like you don't care or I just don't think it's going to hit him but you gotTa Guard your Loins. Let's hit the next voicemail really covering a lot we are heather. It's your girl Danielle.

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