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Six point five WDBO. Orlando turns first for severe weather on channel nine eyewitness news meteorologist Brian shields. Eighty-seven the high for today coming up we're tracking a front moving in for the upcoming weekend. That sounds nice to me. It's Gene Wexler here. Partly cloudy, and eighty degrees up there in Sanford, humidity out there as well. Coverage for another hour and a half the price. We're going to have an in-depth edition of Orlando's news at noon with myself and Scott Anez. This broken the nine o'clock hour for Justice Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, breaking three ribs in a fall last night in her office at the court right now, she's in the hospital Ginsburg is eighty five years old. Remember, she broke two ribs falling back in two thousand twelve and Osceola county deputy under investigation for fatal crash last month involved in another crash this week in Orange County. Twenty nine year old deputy Gloria Baccio was driving in Osceola county sheriff's office SUV on state road four seventeen at the four away Tuesday afternoon when she swerved into the center lane to avoid hitting another vehicle. He was ticketed last night. And she was it following the crash sergeant Kim Montas with the Florida highway patrol says deputy Baccio was also involved in a fatal crash last November and could still be cited that investigation still remains under investigation. So we'll save all charges for the end of the investigation. Baccio is back on desk duty following Tuesday's crash. Darrell Moody, News ninety six point five WDBO, and I see some of your open mics have gone through them yet. But semi you're open mic. React. Florida attorney general being reportedly under consideration to be the next US attorney general Jeff Sessions resigned yesterday, ten thirty three at news ninety six point five WDBO. Rick Scott claims victory this campaign behind this. Bill Nelson calls for a recap to them are separated by only thirty four thousand votes, Senator Nelson, just let it go way..

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