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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Nora Raum. People to judge is ending his bid for the White House. The thirty eight year old former mayor of South Bend Indiana cancelled a rally in Dallas and flew his hometown to make the announcement. Npr's Sam greenglass reports two days before Super Tuesday. The openly gain navy reserve veteran said he had a responsibility to consider the impact of staying in the race. He also recognized the historic weight of his candidacy. We send a message to every kid out there wondering if whatever marks them out as different means they are somehow destined to be less than to see that someone who wants felt that exact same way can become a leading American presidential candidate with his husband at his side. Buddha judge finished in a virtual tie for first in Iowa but struggle to gain traction with voters of Color Buddha judges exit could mean a boost for former vice president Joe Biden who has also been courting moderate voters Sam Greenglass. Npr News Dallas. The next votes take place tomorrow. When fourteen states hold primaries as well as American Samoa Americans who live overseas will also be able to cast ballots a second person has died in the US from the corona virus also in Washington state senior economic analyst. Mark Hamrick with BANKRATE DOT COM says. The outbreak is likely to affect the US economy for some time as the outbreak spreads in the US. It remains to be seen. What kind of impact? It will have on consumers and businesses. I think among the key questions are well we quarantines orwell consumers essentially shelter in place trying to avoid being exposed. I think the biggest concern. Globally of course has been on the supply chains or the ability to manufacture products in a globally interconnected economy and this has affected companies. Like Coca Cola and apple really depends on the extent of the outbreak and how governments react worldwide more than eighty eight thousand people have been infected with the virus the vast majority in China a federal judge in Washington. Dc says acting citizenship and Immigration Services Director Cancun. Cinelli was unlawfully appointed his position. Npr's James DUBEC reports anti immigration hard liner Ken Coochie. Nellie is one of many officials in an acting position in the trump administration he's been leading the US citizenship and Immigration Services Agency within the Department of Homeland Security since his appointment last summer. Now Judge Randolph. Moss SAYS THE WAY. Kuching took that position was illegal. The judge says that because Kuching really was not appointed lawfully. He did not have the authority to shorten the time. Asylum-seekers have to prepare for interviews with immigration officials. The Department of Homeland Security says. It disagrees with the court's and we'll be looking closely at the ruling. James DUBEC. Npr news this is NPR a fight over leadership of the Yoga Indian nation. In Seneca Falls New York lead to arrest this weekend Celia Clark from member station W. S. K. G. reports. The cause of this conflict goes back over a decade and involves the site of several buildings. The leader of the federally recognized Cayuga Nation Council. Recently ordered the late night takeover and demolition of a dozen buildings under the control of the Traditionalist Unity Council they included a schoolhouse and longhouse used for traditional ceremonies. That leader said it was done to reclaim properties. Stolen from KU nation. The traditional leaders called the destruction of the buildings acts of terrorism and treason against the Cuyahoga nation. New York. Senator Chuck Schumer has called on the Justice and Interior Department to investigate the destruction of the buildings for NPR news. I'm Celia Clark. In Ithaca South Korean military officials say North Korea fired two unidentified projectiles into the sea today. And what appears to be a resumption of weapons demonstrations they say? It's not clear whether the weapons were ballistic or rocket artillery North Korean leader. Kim Jong UN has been promising to bolster his nuclear deterrent because of the stalled nuclear talks with the US. Israel is holding another election the third in under a year. This fall is to inconclusive votes in April and September prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel's longest serving prime minister opinion polls show neither his right wing. Likud party nor the centrist blue and white party will attract enough votes for a governing majority in parliament. I'm Nora Raum. Npr News in Washington..

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