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Now. Police may have a suspect in custody. But they still don't have Tim Bozeman. Tim's family and friends. Even investigators were hopeful but the mood had started to shift. It had been five days since that test drive. No one had heard from Tim if he was is alive somewhere. Like what kind of shape would he even be in at this point now. Police weren't speculating publicly about the outcome but their actions spoke volumes volumes. The case was being led by the Hamilton police homicide squad and when reporters asked if this meant that it was a murder investigation police would only say. It was as a missing persons case with unusual circumstances. The community did all they could to like surround and support the Bozeman. Police would say that in total over seven hundred. Tips came in from the public about Tim's disappearance and many of those tips did help inform the investigation. Now one of those tips led police to the home of Delon Miller's mother whose name was Madeline Burns now when they pull in the driveway of this like well appointed home home they notice one thing immediately a giant vehicle trailer parked in the driveway and when they look inside the locked vehicle trailer which which was registered to. Dylan's family business. They find a dodge Ram pickup truck. The Dodge Ram pickup truck. Tim's pickup truck ironically enough though when they find it it's Sunday may twelve mother's Day and this is when they find it on Dylan's mother's property now inside the truck police find shell-casing gun powder residue and fingerprints belonging to Dylan sprayed with luminol and viewed under a black light. They could see blood evidence and signs of cleanup now again. This is great. We have more evidence however still still no ten. Yeah and we're getting less and less hopeful now because I mean we have tim struck. We have tombstone. Don't have ten. But we have signs of someone shooting shooting a gun and cleanup so the police again not releasing this to the public are more and more concerned. That what they're looking for at this point is a body now. During this time they were also searching other properties owned or associated with the family and Delon himself owned four properties. A house farm land into condos. Police were at the farmland property when they ran into this guy named Chaz main now this guy liked to like bomb around the property on his a t. v. and according to an Brocklehurst reporting chas didn't know or had in fact never met Dylan even though Delen had owned the property operative for several years that he was like tool around on his ATV wet but even though he didn't know him. This guy was valuable to the investigation. He tells police he's that he'd seen some strange stuff on the land. Not Creepy strange just strange strange like heavy equipment equipment including an excavator stuck in the middle of a swamp and what he called a redneck smoker in the woods. So police are like okay. Why don't you show us what you're talking about? So chaz takes them to this clearing in the woods where he'd last seen what he called that rednecks smoker. You're just a day prior and it was a decent description like it certainly looked like basically a giant barbecue but it wasn't it was six feet tall ten feet long connected to a one hundred pound propane tank like this is not the kind of machinery that you see every day or maybe even ever. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. I've I would. Maybe say that. I've possibly seen something like this at like a butcher. who also does barbecues on the weekends? We literally did like a hog roast years and years and years ago my family did and we had like this metal. Hello container thing. And it was still wasn't even that big like it's massive and so on this massive thing there. Is this like metal tag that reads needs small and large animal cremator -t's a- product southern breeze fabricators. So this isn't just like a barbecue. You this is a cremation device and on the side in red letters was something that it looked like delen had put on. He had named the device. He named it the eliminator now given the size of this machine. Police had the same concerns that you and I just did like like. This isn't made for a barbecue. You could fit in entire person living or dead inside so with a little trepidation. Then they check inside but it was empty however not entirely empty inside. The incinerator. were several very small tooth and bone fragments now unfortunately when they take those to be tested there wasn't even enough there to test for for DNA and even if there was the high temperature in that incinerator basically destroyed everything but even without usable DNA. Once the experts arrived they were able to confirm that the bones were in fact humid not some kind of animal bones so once the police knew that they were dealing dealing with actual human remains. Police called in one of Canada's leading forensic anthropologists Tracy Rogers right away in fact it was she who climbed climbed into the eliminator to sweep out every last bit of bone and ash and she's actually the exact same person who several years prior had led the team of experts. Experts and students to identify remains found Robert Pickton's farm who we talked about like a month or so back so this lady like the professional the lady in the area now now the sum total of what Tracy pulled from the incinerator weighed about like five hundred and three grams or just over one pound and police were certain this was all that remained of Timbo Zeman so the scene inside the truck and the remains within the incinerator told a frightening story of Tins. Last stay alive investigators. Were now sure that he had been murdered that his remains had been destroyed. And that Delon Millard was responsible for all all of it after notifying Tim's wife and family. Police announced that their search for Tim. Bozeman had come to a heartbreaking conclusion and that Delon Millard would be charged with first degree murder on May twenty second two thousand thirteen. Hundreds of people gathered at the Hamilton Church to remember Tim. Bozeman and lay his remains is to rest and throughout all of this the people of Hamilton and throughout the province of Ontario. We're just dumbstruck. Like was this man really killed over a truck by two complete strangers. one of whom again didn't need money at all and the biggest question though is there were two stranger so we've got one of them behind bars. But where's the other guy who is the other guy. At least one of the public's lingering questions was answered later for that very day when police announced that they'd made their second arrest in this case a twenty five year old man they mark Smith he liked delon in Millard would be charged with first degree murder now. Mark couldn't have been more different from his friend who he called Delon. The Felon Mark was a high school dropout. Who Gotten by from the money that he made selling drugs his chosen job got him into a good deal of trouble with the law? This guy was like not an upstanding citizen and in this documentary called the devil had a name produced by the CBC one of the People Interviewed said that mark quote clung onto and looked up to de Lillard and based on everything else that I've read about this guy that's a pretty apt description for their relationship. Being around Elon gave mark access to things he would have otherwise never had money Moseley but there were other like comforts and thrills that like money can't buy that like delen Ellen had access to. He was just one of several hangers on that swirled. Around Ellen Miller life what police learn is that the two had spent the last several years ears stealing vehicles and equipment at random sometimes just to destroy it. It's not like they were even selling this or using it or just the thrill oh it was for the thrill all while flying completely under the radar so that was kind of the question. Police were asking like was Tim's death and unfortunate result of a vehicle. Theft gone wrong. Or was it the culmination of what one friend of the two men called a quote succession of thrills us now at about the same time. The police were arresting mark and charging him with murder. They got an interesting tip about a cold case that would take their murder investigation and blow it up into something much bigger..

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