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Is like jesse. The video of the mets manager terry collins. Losing it on an umpire and that was when he said My ass is in the jackpot or your asses in the jackpot. Somebody's somebody's asked was in the jackpot and then it was just like he's kind of just like acute old man screaming and gruden's not like our producer. Salvi said our asses in the jackpot. That's what it was so there were multiple acid on this. It's like i put grew in that category where he's not quite cute old man yet but he was like you know most of us know him as k tv guy or like he was the corona man and now like the corona man is screaming at me. And it's just like okay. You know like you're you're just you know it's not like it's not like sean. Payton after the sean payton during the nfc championship game. Where like that. That was scary. Like you saw rage in that man's is you know and and so i think that there's a difference a little bit so he had developments in chicago. One of those at the bears are now a five hundred team. They they won this game. And i think the most encouraging thing about the way they won this game is they want it. Twenty eighteen style. They took the ball away a bunch of times a second half four takeaways. Overall at one point they intercepted three consecutive. Joe borough passes. One of them was a pick six. This is how the bears have to win football games. If they are going to threaten anyone in the nfc roquan smith had one of the picks and you know tremendous performance so there are definitely you know. A lot is riding on the defense because they started the season. With andy dalton. Andy dalton gets injured in this game. And now it's just fields time. Which was a decision matinee. Gi was obviously putting off so now he can focus on fields but to this point. It's been sort of this while we're going to stick with dalton until an undated point in the future when fields will play well fields in in in the middle of the game which is not an ideal situation to be entering your first. Nfl regular season game For an extended period of time. Not just i snap here and there so it was a good day for the defense to be taking the ball away and to be putting points on the board and to be. You know making it a lot easier for the quarterback to win. It's it's so it's so am. I don't wanna make excuses for for matt nagy here but watching these games. It's so interesting. Because i don't know what i would do if i were him either. I mean i think of course just in fields is the player that you can do more with but on any given snap. I'm jason peters. Is i mean god. Love them is doing the best that he can at thirty nine and there are some times you know. There's that play. A week ago where he unconsciously sense like a rusher coming from the back side and didn't even look and just turned around and through a guy like thirty yards but then there were so many other plays this week. Where you know. He's just he's kicked off the edge. You know if if somebody just beats them he beats him. And it's not because jason is a bad..

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