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No spit out the drink my mouth. You're really, that's what's it stake here. Yes. Each sector will help piece together my soul once you accomplish each sector. You will get a sector stone. Okay. Nineteen sector stones make up my soul. Oh my God. Please go forth became awful. And it'll be here watching over you as your God. Setting you free sorry to bring you back. I'm still here. So. Yeah. Like, you can hang out. But like you were setting you free, basically casper. Where like you have unfinished business or? Yes. I have unfinished business in the city walk. Okay. I can't get into the details. I'll tell you more as you discover more. Okay. All right. Great. No. That's I will go to hell if you don't do this. Okay. Well, that's a lot to put on us. Perhaps no podcast has followed a more bizarre and self destructive trajectory than the podcast for laundry originally pitched to us as a podcast to do your laundry two. We honestly had no idea what we were getting into over the course of the last year host and laundry obsessive. Brett Davis has been arrested during a live recording gotten married to a bottle of tide detergent and pissed off pretty much every guest that has been unfortunate enough to be booked on the show guests including Janine Garoppolo. Why it's the neck, Tom, sharp, Ling bridie Elliott, and Chris gathered please tolerate the following clip featuring awful Brett and the wonderful sheer za Mehta..

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