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The thanks that show we're mr fix it tom things on wtmj mr fix it his back to saturday it's march twenty four thirty two degrees hyphen as can be thirty eight to be cloudy days some win some flurries partly cloudy still windy tonight down to twenty eight a little cool tomorrow thirty nine at the lake at forty four inland again thirty one degrees at wtmj fix it show on the danny clayton tom phasing it's here petco and hausky district sales manager briggs and stratton yard power you guys were doing the old time stories during the break you're talking about supports the the old stuff and i worked for allis chalmers wow yes that way back in the seventies and then as simplicity was a part of allis chalmers flynn that's bad so that's history so what's new because there's always something new with you guys well i better get this right because my boss john manson's listening so what's new for two thousand eighteen we're always trying to approve the product and i like to think of a piece of equipment such as lawn tractor or zero turn i like to think of it as a car it's got an engine it's got a transmission it's got breaks and you want all those systems to work together and not give you any problems and maintenance maintenance maintenance change your oil change your oil oil filters your air filters check your tire pressure charge your battery but the critical thing the critical critical thing is don't use old gas because you're going to create a repair bill and of course that makes the shot back at olson's go crazy you know eighty percent of our repairs are due to bad gas but the technology that we're offering like we have a variety of fuels that you could buy from briggs and straighten that have a long shelf life up to two years you know people talk about stable and seafoam and things like that but the critical thing is when you buy gas for your lawnmower this spring make sure that you're gonna use all of that fuel in forty five days or less are you will have issues i can guarantee it.

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