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Webb aw report shot out to Anthony. Clark shot one man. You're anthony wants you to call them. Anthony clock is one in a basketball league right down here in the Lehigh valley out today. I want you to call in. And he's told to see like six. Eight can only like the tallest guy neighborhood. He's the tallest got used to play basketball back in the day right now. He's a coach right or he could play a little bit but now he's great at washing tops of vans. I'm Dan shot to Richard Non Wolf Nation. I don't go nowhere. Wake up. Live free shoutout Qassim Griffin. Hey Qassim shoutout to. Ken Black said he hates that hat. Sean took beautiful or a Dago. Shot is Shayla Hall. Hey Shayla shots it Diane Diane Hall. Thanks FOR THE MUSIC. You sit in bed. Cirque DU shots in the Sun Washington heinous on shoutout to Laura Turner. Hey Laurie was going on girl. Shout to my mom Mama Setting. Hey Mom Howard later on today. What shoutout to Melvin Wagner? Hey Melvin we really appreciate you shots a Kenya Brown. Who just stopped in the room. Hakin Yada Yada a day you right now to do twenty five push up and put it on video and throw it in the group room. Stop putting up. Those pitches flexing on the in the bathroom with island flag. See Him at work. I want to see twenty-five. Are you up for the challenge? Radical guys you shout out to Hesse Stevens. That's.

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