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What's going on everybody? Welcome to another episode of the files. Thanks for tuning in I'm your host nick joined by my producer Christie? Hi Doing Christie and doing good doing guide, keep it together. That's that's good to hear. Yeah I think you guys are really going to enjoy this episode the World Been Heavy lately. It's been having. I think if you're looking for A. Kind of an easy going conversation with an absolutely wonderful guest. I think you'll really enjoy this Joe Thomas is our guest today. Formerly of the NFL. And just all around great guy, if if for those of you who are listening. Smile on my face just thinking about it. Yeah, for those of you who don't know who Joe Thomas is I think you're. GonNa Really Love Him. After this episodes I know, he didn't know Joe. Before now, she now. She has a life size poster of him hanging on his wall. It's just a little crush actually has yet yet. No. Joe Is A Hall of fame or soon to be hall of fame NFL. Offense Lineman, but also a husband a father. Just a very interesting. Man and It's fun to hear kind of a little bit about his life and his way of thinking and him as husband and a father and. I think. I fell in love with them. Even more than I already was I think you're all going to really enjoy. Listening to Joe Before, we get to Joe I did want to tell you guys a story. A story about the first time. I was arrested. By I only only time I was. I was detained. So. It's about ten years ago. It was still living in Milwaukee and I was out. We're not to the bar with my best friend and my girlfriend time and his his girlfriend the time now, wife. And, So we earn Milwaukee a little bit a little bit about Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a pretty segregated city, actually one of the most segregated cities and so. You have white people living in one part of the city black people living another part of the city Hispanic people so on and so forth. one or more popular streets in Milwaukee for those who for those of you who aren't familiar is called a water street. Just a street full of bars and restaurants. And in the summertime it gets, it gets really busy. It's not very warm there often. People get excited to go out. And so I don't know if they still do this. I assume they do but They'll close down water street on the weekends. This? All the time they closed down both ends of the street. Yeah, the weekends right and I kind of had seen this before. I honestly didn't think much of it right. There keeping the peace just assumed if people got arrested, they deserve it. And so at the end of also keep in mind, I say one walk is. More segregated cities is that when you go to water street? The people who are at the bars predominantly white right at least. I mean I don't have exact numbers but I would say. On the low end at least eighty percent, probably closer to ninety percent of the people who are out at the bars are are white. So at the end of the night. We're leaving the bars and my best friend is the type of guy when sometimes when he drinks. You gotTA. Make sure you know Rita's ripe very social. You can lose them quickly. You'll talk to anyone. The Guy got to keep an eye on guy. The guy you gotta keep an eye out right? We all have that friend, a great friend and So we're leaving the bars and I'm with my girlfriend, his girlfriend and Alison. We lose him. Outside and it's like chaotic, right? There's these cops on horses in like the first thing you do. When you walk outside of the bars, you see this giant horse. You've had a few drinks. You want to look at the Horse and touch the horse and the cops are like. Don't touch the horse and I'm like well. Why are you right in our face? You know and so there's a lot of confusion and. People are drinking and drunk. So, we crossed the street all of a sudden. We realize God our friends now behind us. Sound like I'm GonNa, go find my friend and on the phone calling him an awesome. This cop looks at me and goes. Get Outta here and start screaming at me cussing. And, unlike yeah, no problem we're just going to grab my friend. We'll be out here and then for whatever reason I don't know I gave him a look. He didn't like the way I look I. Don't know he just did a beeline line over over to me. And you're under arrest placement on the rest Cayenne cuff me. My girlfriend and and and a my other friend. Those two are freaking out. You put me in handcuffs and he starts. Bending my wrists I. Don't know why I presume because he was hoping that I would resist that I don't know and then a bunch of other cops swarmed by there yanking on me, I'm like okay fine. I'm wondering like whatever man is what? And they throw me in this van. And again there's multiple vans and again this I'm kind of panicked and I look up and I realize I look, and it's me one other white kid and a bunch of black..

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