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Denver Nuggets postgame show starts now work smart personally welcome to your Denver Nuggets post game show along with Steve Nelson mark Pirtle committee left the studios here in Denver Colorado is tonight the Philadelphia seventy Sixers beat the Denver Nuggets ninety seven to ninety two is the nuggets now dropped three straight games in five of their last six the nuggets with well led by will boards twenty six points tonight we'll get to all the scores from the NBA where it's a massive upsets in college basketball but and we'll hear from the head coach but first let's head back to the Wells Fargo center there and on a Pittsburgh Philadelphia Pennsylvania him bring a jazz guys this king Katie would you to break this game down well I guess I don't really know how to categorize this kind of game because it it never felt like the nuggets were out of it but it also never felt like the nuggets we're we're we're we're gonna win the contest after the one on that mass wrong after coastal's technical so I guess how do you how do you feel about this loss tonight the nuggets will burn on one hand you kind of got a built in excuse right you you lose when your best players after only five minutes and and your mom or idle idol I thought Mante picked it up nicely the problem with the the reason why the nuggets Lawson I birds gotta be rebounding they got out rebounded forty nine to thirty eight in a tight basketball game and got outscored sixteen to four in second chance points so the difference of that was twelve points off of rebounds an offense of rebounding and that's the difference in the game so the nuggets you know control the glass a little bit better they might won the ballgame Katie what do you think about.

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