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The Sacramento auto Rama running February fifteenth to the seventeenth at Cal expo. You have to be able to come to the radio station before close of business on Friday to pick up the tickets. We have one four pack left. We've been doing eighties trivia, we have one four pack left. So the next person who answered the question correctly wins the tickets, let's go to ash. Asher on NewsRadio KFB que with Casey. Don. Hello, sir. How are you doing tonight doing good? You you big sports fan ash. Somewhat not too bad. But they're we'll give it a shot. You know, you're eighty sports a little bit box. Yeah. I'll go for it. Here's your question who is the only boxer to defeat. Roberto Duran marvelous Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns. Oh boy. I have absolutely no idea not that much block think about think of a boxer from the nineteen boxer from the nineteen eighties. Yeah. Man, I think alike older than that think alike. Ali I think awake. Gosh. Come on. Name one guy from the eighties. Come on. I'm not sure man. Like, I said, I I I hear about stuff you periodically here. There are more in the football and basketball. That was your question. Leonard was the answer. Oh, yes. The got Parkinson's now, I can't think of his name Ali. Yeah. But the God, my brain was just going crazy. It doesn't matter. You were on my Michael J, FOX does not box. No, I know. On our health issues a date. Mohammed Ali did have Parkinson's, but he's dead now. So right. I'm sorry. I apologize. But you get you get nothing and like it. All right. Thanks for calling NewsRadio K PK. Let's go to Rena Rena, you're on NewsRadio. KFC kay. How're you doing? Rena? I gotta turn your radio down. Let's say, right. Sorry rina. You had your chance Rena sorry. So we still have one more one more four pack of tickets to give I asked him. I laid it out for him. I said, do you know sports, and he said, yeah, kinda I'll give it a shot. If the only boxer I could name from the nineteen eighties would be sugaring. So I don't know what that guy's problem with. Let's go to Steve Steve you're on NewsRadio KFC PK with Casey. How are you? Thanks that. Okay. Are you ready to play? Yes. Of course, let's see do, you know music from the nineteen eighties. I hope so. Okay. We'll figure it out. Let's give you this what athletically inclined band trotted out the album's four and sports two of the biggest albums from the nineteen eighties. Four and sports. What is the band? Lewis in the news is congratulations..

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