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How's it going for making quick comment about Ohio? Hello. To the wall and off. But man, it's all political Yati has the money in the military budget. One and a half trillion dollars. Daddy. Got the army corps of engineer. It's already built. What we're seeing right now. Forcing them to show their card and Expos. L care about state. All right. Thank you. Hi, Larry Clark are a little bit out on the wall. There's no honesty about the healthy people coming over the unionisation people wear masks. Being about American children. And she got mum outbreak. It the mom Saco lesson voters in the future because we're all. Charlize anyway, Towanda throughout the healthcare ramifications that hey, Larry enjoy you. Enjoy your show. You're you're a great guy. You just fabulous. Thank you. Larry Larry thought, I don't know if he. Congress's permission in order to build the wall in different locations with this just about getting the permission to build the fifty five mile wall. Now, he's got the permission. He's already have the money the money. Maybe all he was the go ahead and kind of a kind of a work around. She gave him go ahead. I don't know. What do you think? Hello, Larry, Scott, enorthfield, Republican did not look the finger for two years. If you read anything about the border do anything about thanks our cities. And now, we're close to believe with the Democrats charges. Something's gonna take place with the wall. Donald Trump one point guard all the few votes. Go the other way in Wisconsin. Michigan that time out our strongly. He finds some money, and he finds some money if he has to go to the Bank. Themself? Because. Done is a laugh track worthy of allows brat. Finish up, and you will allow practically a great audience. God bless you brother for all. You do. Thank you eight nine seven one eight eight triple eight nights of the ones that are two four three very over. Relieffactor dot com to the president said you're going to be signing a national emergency. So I'm going to be signing a.

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