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U. S. D. they hold events to indoctrinate students about climate science and train them to be activists I talked to the head of the Pima GOP about it my interviews up at Tennessee dot com who while I am mmhm I don't even know what to say I found out during the break that there is somebody here on our staff that refuses to eat Chinese food because all my gosh they believe that they may get corona virus now this is in I want to energy I want to just say yes there is in Wuhan there is a Chinese restaurant that in the basement has an elevator elevator goes down through the core of the earth and all the way up to our Chinese restaurants here is where they get all of the bands and everything that they use an in kernel shells chicken not judge general just carnal Chou yeah and they get all the bat wings and everything right directly from that elevator man that goes by you know through the center of the earth directly to China how can you not eat Chinese food here you're expecting it what I don't even understand it like no they're all flying over there well on the hilly are they more than the the people that are you know flying over to Europe or whatever they're working at a chick fillet or McDonald's and they've got their family over in Mexico were you worried about that one I also had this weird suspicion and I can't prove this yeah that people for now because the idea being that I guess the theory being that because Chinese people work at Chinese restaurants and they have relatives in China that they might visit get corona virus come back and I guess get it on your general sells chicken I guess the theory behind this morning yes yes however is in a stunning development we have uncovered evidence okay that Chinese people don't just work at Chinese restaurants shut up they seem to work at restaurants all over the place shot almost like all the other races at all the other he's working as a borrows are they call it because I'd done my research I haven't had any Italian food at any place except as our borrows because there's no Italians that have ever been anywhere near as tomorrow's so I'm this whole illegal but now you tell me that there might be Chinese people work as a borrows too it might in fact and here's the thing people that you know that aren't Chinese they're eating at Chinese restaurants so you're with them every day you are not protected the result you're gonna tell me like no rainy and authorities have to tell their people that there's not a door but the door knob that you can safely lick hello to me all doorknobs can be safely letting that's all I think that that's a right right that's obviously nuts don't have Chinese food because Chinese people might work that is what is is nineteen forty one I will say there are these this covert nineteen coronavirus situation is making people insane your wife is nuts and she's got a stock item I love her and she's always very terrified of the docked to stop she is out of her mind Gracie she she gets the set every once in awhile every few years there's a big media story that legitimately freaks her out I'll give you a good example of this on our honeymoon it was the DC sniper story was like in full affect remember the story when there's that guy was in the back of his car he was shooting people at gas stations as they were pumping their gas and she was freaking terrified over this now we went to we were not anywhere near Washington DC where were you we were in the South Carolina that's not a suburb of one day I realized it was you know really expand three large just days away distance yes it is but it was one of those things that every time you're pumping gas it was like you know you had to like hide behind the cars something because you never know I look it was a scary situation I was around DC would you have a moment of thought he was living in DC in the area where those shootings were happening and that I could understand he was freaking out my son is there right but even that right right the chances of anything happening to you our CS also slow it's almost impossible to guard against and the situation here is the same thing you can take basic precautions of course you should wash your hands you do the basics avoiding particular genres of restaurants does absolutely nothing for you there's no no possible do we have the we have the profiles in courage music because going out on a limb here Chinese it's in Italy to godinama correlation I if I do a Croatian food.

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