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Asli consider it you mentioned be alita we talked to in the earlier part of the show his qualifying offers me prebaked it's can be about five million and i'm not sure given minnesota's want to dodge the tax i think bielema is probably more useful in a better player than say crawford or you know derrick rose another guy who maybe he comes back on the mini mid level there certainly seems to be in the tea leaves based on whatever was saying after the season i would rather be lita than rose or crawford just because they have so much shot gracia on the team they already have a cost controlled backup point guard in ties jones who's totally fine but i don't think it's gonna go that way so i could see them just not making him a golfing offer a how do you read it i read it the same way and i would be disappointed in that but could absolutely see it being the case especially because the offer would be a significant sum of money and and then also if he takes the qualifying offer which billy to certainly could then they wouldn't have the ability to trade him without his consent and so that gives the player a lot of power and would limit their options like let's say minnesota wants to clear that cap space and what they want they don't want to pay the tax next year then pay the tax in eighteen nineteen it will be hard for them if billy to if they extend that offer even if he takes it and that's all that it is and then it gets complicated for in future years d other challenging element for them is co aldridge because aldridge you'll only has two million guaranteed but it would be imprudent for minnesota to stretch that because they're nineteen twenty and twenty twenty one seasons will probably be more expensive so you don't want to throw more money on this books something that they've done i think in the past and was a mistake kevin martin is a good example this i don't think they should have stretched him and they.

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