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The perfectly choreographed visit included a tour of napoleon's tomb and dinner at a chic restaurant in the eiffel tower it was meant to impress and it clearly hit the mark speaking at a joint press conference trump reversed his previous negative talk about france and even said he'd happily returned to paris the friendship between our two nations and ourselves i might add is unbreakable our occasional disagreements are nothing compared to the immortal bonds of culture destiny and liberty that unite us a commemorative hindu chris zero socalled ma do so she see the women were came and yet mcqueen approved on the french media closely followed the trump's visit with the mcconnell's news analysts commented on everything the presidential body language was squint nah is does the two leaders shared pats on the back close conversation and even some near hugs they didn't need an interpreter because mac speaks english both president stressed their personal friendship andrei caspi is professor of american history at the sorbonne university macron is 39 eggs exactly the same age as donald trump song and i think that southern out there is the kind of relationship between father and son even it seemed strange to think of it from president of the united states to are the president of the french republic appaling demolli airbus is a political analyst for bfm tv she says mak hall's main objective is to keep america in the circle of nations vicky dominion a cool sea third in bali ceases to modern untung thursday easily macron doesn't want trump to become to isolate the but of course he has a desire for grander tale and having the world see him the american president strolling through harrison dining at the eiffel tower is powerful to support the diplomatic ask battling but there's also an economic aspect that micron never forgets history professor caspi says given that german chancellor angela merkel does not have a close relationship with trump and the british prime minister theresa may is medically weekend mackall now has a special role in us european relations emmanuel macron is the.

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