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Nunes of California fire back at Democrats were criticized the Attorney General William Barr for his role in former trump associate Roger stone sentencing and defended the president's use of Twitter after he was the platform to comment about the ongoing criminal case he said what's happening here with bar I think people need to understand that he's cleaning up the mess from not only the Obama administration but also the mess that was left with the whole Russia gate fiasco news told fox and friends weekend saying tax paired paid tens of millions of dollars to fund then special counsel Robert molars team that went chasing and trying to put this into a status of a permanent cool against the president of the United States Newman's comment came days after bar himself publicly swipe to trump declaring Thursday that the president's tweets about justice department prosecutors in open cases make it impossible for me to do my job well speaking of president trump hits the campaign trail with to rally scheduled this week fox's John decker has more from the White House the president's first campaign rally set for Wednesday night in Phoenix just a week after the New Hampshire democratic primary and weeks after the Iowa caucuses the president wanting to shore up his voter base in Arizona especially since the state has been described as a swing state in the upcoming presidential election Thursday night the president said to address supporters in Colorado springs Colorado took a sharp turn to the left in the twenty eighteen mid terms Hillary Clinton won the state with forty eight percent of the vote in the twenty sixteen presidential election at the White House John decker fox news and this from pro Joe's Catherine Greg the campaign to a race past marijuana convictions from public records reach Rhode Island the legal landscape is not quite as clear here as in states that have legalized recreational use of the drug in Rhode Island what begins as a civil penalty for possession of a small amount of the drug less than an ounce can escalate into a criminal charge what is a site away attitudes about marijuana change some reliable lawmakers contend that state law should change to rep chase the knight says the reason why I put this in is because I think we have changing attitudes around controlled substances no one I know believe that it's a moral failing to get charged with possession of a controlled substance state rep Anastasia Williams is introduce the other bill H. seven one four two that will allow those previously convicted of marijuana possession which would now constituted decriminalized offense to have their records for those convictions automatically expunged regardless of their criminal history the underlying argument here in other states decades of drug enforcement have disproportionately targeted minorities which in turn is perpetrated a patch waited a cycle of poverty in incarceration it is kept many minorities from getting jobs and finding housing emergency dispatch services are being merged between north Providence and Pawtucket officials say the joint operation will be a north Providence.

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