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Are you to play me in a way that is going to become unforgettable in American movie history. You know what you know. It's interesting. I don't think I've ever told this story so bob picks me up at the airport and come back from Texas right and takes me immediately to the House that Richie bought Connie senior. and we have dinner and I stay the night right at that house. I stayed the night at that house. I slept in one of the bedrooms. I remember praying that night. I prayed. I said Richie here. I am in show me the way you show me. What you want me to do is my constant prayers and actor to have an open heart in an open mind so I needed to be open to that and to be open open to all of the the input and to subjugate my own ego to that role. I felt like he was there with me. I really do so. You're next big hit. I mean these are like iconic films in a time when we were being told that people of Color Latinos that we kind of matter but you know in the film standing delivery kind of encompasses it all all that's a story about High Michigan. He's a high school teacher in east. La some people in this world we will assume that you know less than you do because of your name and your complexion but that is the great equalizer the big story goes that he's teaching Calculus Calculus. AP Calculus in East Los Angeles and his entire class passes the test but of course then there question because how is it possible that bunch of Brown kids could pass the calculus AP test those cars would have been questioned and Mike you not have Spanish surnames surnames and come from schools. You know that you play the rule of Anghel Cushman Angel whose man and again just going back and looking at it boy the outfits were kind of fabulous that you were wearing the head well actually why don't you describe your character of Angel's mind and and how you would kind of get into character what was interesting. I was almost out of money from La Bomba. I got paid scale for that. You know so a total of four or five thousand dollars Wayne in what y'all yeah wait. Oh yeah wait. Wait wait a second. What yeah yeah everybody pay scale it. Was it was a negative pickup. The entire your budget. The movie was six million dollars. It was a kind of a a small independent films exactly you were never able to get any of the residuals well yeah but I mean residuals on a on a on a thousand dollar check. Is You know it's not much even now. It's you know it's like sixteen cents yes or no. I did not get rich off that film but he gave me my career so I am not resentful in the least on us in deliver standing liberals made for a million bucks. That's it so I actually stumbled into that. I mean I was almost out of money. I addition they gave me the role of Angel because see the counselor monkeying and we'll go find yourself another class which is mixed soft. Shusha Marc chagall needed okay chemo. The man you know and the next thing you know here we are making this really gritty really wonderful little low budget film. There's a moment where your character angel walks up to the teacher. I Miss Landon says look. I got a problem and your character angel is like Super Smarting Calculus but he says I got a problem with the books. I've got a a little problem will no seriously books. St meanwhile him around wouldn't want anyone to think you're intelligent. Maybe I can upto books coupon stashed again. He's kind of a Chicano kind of gang banger from east. La How did you get into plane his role role once again. It's just it was an education. It was researched because this is obviously something that I am not now. Danny Vigliotti L. is a technical advisor on this. He's a PA okay and he's not even an actor in it and so they put me together with him because he is a former gang who got out of the gangs angel was his his life. That's right I thought you and so I wrote around with him for a couple of weeks and he would take me places uses and show me things and show me where friends of his shot talk about you know the some of the crimes that he did when he was a teenager so once again getting this very rivera quick education and honestly both films both films Love Santa Deliver. We had no idea that they're going to have the impact that they did zero so let me ask you why you know given that you again your own. Ethnic experience or background wasn't one of being Latino Dino or Mexican talked me a little bit more about that and why you were like no absolutely says Chavez icy myself in you and absolutely Louise Louise by this. I see myself in you. What was that thing that made you say. This is what I need to be doing. It's interesting because I never tried to co-opt just wanted to be a soldier and it was that you know hey lou you re representing the Latino community. Here's how you give back and and I was like absolutely. Tell me where to go. Tell me where to show up and that's what led me to meeting Cesar during that fast that he was doing and then you know I do stand in the liver and once again then here I am introduced to a subculture of Mexican American life that I knew nothing about and that's you know that this was an education for me I never took the privilege of representing community for granted because I am such a mixed bag you know an American mutt that physically and facially I'm able to represent different communities. It's it's always been important to me to do that with respect and to do that with intelligence now you take these roles stereotypical roles and you do something that is respectful and that brings pride and it has a nobility ended integrity to it and the way to do that is to be specific and to not just play this surface to understand the roots of what you're getting at. It's certainly theater training but is the conversations with Lewisville. Does that sort of galvanized nice that approach in my mind Lou Diamond Phillips. I'm just going to say what it was out of you whether what. La Lou Diamond Phillips thank you so much for joining me on the USA. It's been great speaking with you. The Big Maria Lou Diamond Phillips is an actor the two iconic macchiato films that he started Lamma and stand in deliver recently celebrated their thirtieth anniversaries in this episode was produced by Genesee MOCHA and edited by Soviet police a cop the Latino. You're eighteen includes financier. Camarena Neil messiahs and Dona said a Hilo Maggie and Lisa Scott with help this week from Geneva Owen and my Aquilla our engineers are Stephanie Lebow and Julia Caruso Our our production manager is not even our digital team includes who you're regardless relax and Amanda Contract Our New York Women's foundation ignite fellow is phonetically the EGAS. Our intern is other..

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