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It's the embodiment in the fleshing out of what that is more than sort of the letters in the words on the page or the screen to read i have a gorgeous of a library my townhouse and i've written four books now but you know it's the embodying it it's the living it's it's the it's the taking those it's the taking of the sacred texts that's the taking of these sort of curious accidental sort of framing of inspiration and it's and it's ingesting it it's metabolising it and it's sort of saying the fruit of it in in our lives i think is is really been what's compelled me and mike i said it's been seeing that mentors and friends and community some i'm going to jump off my nose for minute in wanna dive into some of the stuff of your book and i'm gonna be transparently honest here on stuff head i gone back maybe ten years maybe fifteen like if i would have got into any agreem stuff or any of that i probably because of being in pentecostal church and some of the stuff that i was in at the time i probably would have been like man that's just demonic or i want to be honest with you about that because i think when you get into stuff like personality types and different things sometimes i think because it's maybe not in the bible or people don't understand it oughta medically has a bad spiritual content to it and in that couldn't be further from the truth now knowing what i know is there anything that you could kind of disarm that a little bit for some people not for myself but maybe some people would think maybe the way i would have thought a while back yeah when i when i first came across the india graham i mean i think i had a very similar experience i mean first of all you look at this this diagram and it looks super evil like to pentagram having you said that yeah yeah just like whoa i don't think aloud to learn this and then of course there's at least twenty years ago when i came across this christianity had a really conflicted relationship with it father richard roar this this this this fire that i'd mentioned was really maybe i would say the the most prominent author out of a historic christian tradition that was writing about this know i was how i was religiously socialize going to assemblies of god high school myself even joke university back then even i doored mother you know i i was a little suspicious of catholicism in the accent of that was i'll say this though and i'll say this twenty years later having worked with the teaching and the tool it's a universal it's full of what i think we could could simply agree on as sort of universal truths that show up in all histories and all religious traditions or communities in all great myths and automate literature it's like joseph campbell's hero with a thousand faces it's like i don't think the internet i'm sort of started anymore more per se but as always been finding its way out through humanities expression and so if you you need to sort of rub some bible on it to make it street legal can look at the nine fruits of the spirit you can look at the ninety attitude you can sort of see it even showing up in scripture as a way of offering pastoral instruction or spiritual formation earlier this year i did a training with michael goldberg who sort of suggests that the shows up and homers book the odyssey that would is right journey home after the children wars actually takes you through the mine any graham types in order and i just got back this week from florence whereas with beatrice chestnut another great author megrim and she basically says in dante's divine comedy right these these nine circles of hell these nine terraces appropriate toy these spheres of heaven it's the grand passions and virtues and so clearly homer dante probably weren't using the india graham as we're using it today but it's like it's there and it's.

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