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Most events become a member today at film, independent dot org slash join. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. Flood warnings are posted along the Mississippi. River from southern Minnesota to Louisiana this morning communities in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri had been sandbagging Davenport, Iowa downtown is flooded after temporary barrier gave way the national weather service says the Mississippi River rose more than twenty to feed yesterday at the quad cities a level not seen since historic flooding in nineteen Ninety-three Payton shoemaker lives in buffalo, Iowa where the Mississippi is flooding streets have never seen before. Terrifying. Some bridges across the river are shut down in Missouri. A former top democratic official in Saint Louis county is expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges. Rachel Lipman with Saint Louis public radio reports on Steve stinger. A grand jury indictment made public on Monday accused of steering county contracts to injure campaign contributor, he resigned the same day, and is also expected to surrender his Missouri law license legal experts say the short time between charges and admission of guilt shows the strength of the government's case a quickly also means a lighter sentence for staying federal prosecutors said Monday that the investigation is ongoing. It's not clear if stinger has promised to cooperate as part of a plea deal for NPR news. I'm Rachel Lipman in Saint Louis. This is NPR news from Washington. There are reports of damaged and destroyed homes and eastern. India today were strong cyclone has been battering the region down trees and power lines are common in many areas. Wind gusts of more than one hundred twenty five miles per hour. Have been reported more than a million people in coastal areas were evacuated to higher ground before. That storm hit the survey from the UN finds the number of people in North Korea without enough food to eat tops, ten million NPR's, Anthony Kunin Seoul, says the problem was heightened by poor harvest in two thousand eighteen the u n food and Agriculture Organization in the World Food Programme carried out the survey in late March and early April, they found North Korean farms. It produced just under five million tons of food last year, which is about one point three million tonnes short of what's needed more than half of North Korea's twenty five million people depend on government food rations and those fashions have been cut to less than eleven houses of food day international. Agencies can only help about a third of the people in need North Korea suffers from some of the worst food insecurity in the world up to three million people their starved to death in a major famine in the nineteen nineties. Anthony Kuhn NPR news soul moments ago, the Labor Department release the latest numbers on employment in the US, they show employers added two hundred sixty three thousand jobs in April that's more than a communists were forecasting. I'm Dave Mattingly. NPR news in Washington. And on this Friday. You are listening to KCRW, I'm Cheri Glazer. Good to have here challenges continue in the San Gabriel valley will got to very bad collisions close to each other. One of them's in the city of industry. This is on the eastbound, sixty before crossroads Parkway left. Three lanes are out of commission till further notice because of a crash involving a big overturned and ended up on top the center divider..

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