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'cause you need to be vitamins to create energy out of food, and you can never truly get enough of all eight b vitamins, even from the best food. They proven us. But and people over fifty multivitamins help prevent disease. I mean, you don't normally develop a disease when you five or thirty if you're eating right? And you're getting exercise taking care of your stress you getting enough sleep. You don't normally develop a disease, but once you hit your fifties. Diseases become more and more common, and that's multivitamins become incredibly important. So in this study from nineteen ninety nine twenty years ago people between fifty five ninety five take a multivitamin was preventing a heart attack and July two thousand nine ten years ago. It's a study of almost seventy eight thousand people in Washington DC in Washington to state of Washington. I almost said she in Washington state, seventy eight thousand people between fifty to seventy six if you took a multivitamin when you were older it reduced your risk of dying from heart disease by sixteen percent. And if it had. Sufficient vitamin E in it like the invite performance multi it reduce your risk of dying from disease by twenty eight percent. So now many as later the year two thousand fourteen five years ago. It's American journal clinical nutrition day studied day day released a study for Nakara Lynch institute at showed simply taking a multi-vitamin over time protected women from heart attacks, it was over thirty thousand women between the ages of forty nine to eighty three when you typically suffer with a heart attack. You don't only get a heart attack when you're forty. So how can you prevent a heart attack would've vitamin when you're forty one? You don't get him. Anyway, that's ridiculous. But when you're over fifty that's when you start to get heart attacks when you're in your sixties and seventies..

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