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Well not three thousand these days but it was like large pieces of glass for three way mirrors the transport for them. The they're they're paying expensive so this ended up serving two purposes and not just the first one the wardrobe management. It was a fun. A surprise to find out that the people who had the messy est closets or the most fashion engaged because they're constantly taking Trying things on taking them off against they'd like point to. We'll be like oh. Where's your favorite clothes. And they point to a pile in the corner like oh my god. That's that's that's all your designers stuff like. Yeah yes over there in that wrinkled pile. It's a surprises. Customer experience. researches is important. That was very interesting so to say it was just a very interesting time because echo came out a few months into that project so it also changed our approach. We originally were just going to just have a couple of commands and we had to read. We had to assess whether or not it was worth putting the entirety of alexa which largely did correct. I mean we. We almost anything from there. We were technically the i i at the time we were calling. Its second party alexa experience where we weren't on the alexa team but we were so essentially kind of using alexa voice service but internally right but i think you became first party yes sir absorbed the echo team. Yeah the device team. Yeah so we still use that terminology. It's actually very useful terminology. I think for a lot of people to to understand but So echo look a lot of fans for it. Do you think the reason. It didn't make it is because it's just too small market too big of a behavior change. Incomplete product was it i have. I don't know if these are controversial thoughts or so. There were two two markets for this product. And it's interesting because like even we got surprised. This is an interesting product team because it was largely female. You don't see that a lot of technology and the reason we even got this product light was we were very intentional about making sure our pitch materials and are all of that was was gender neutral so that we could bardsley males stakeholders along on the journey and like help them project themselves into our customers shoes without other in the customer. But what was really interesting. Was one specific. Stakeholder one very high play stakeholder who loves vests he he he wanted he really really really wanted the product to tell them what to wear and that was not our original intention wanted the original version of the product to help you manage your wardrobe and you know help you show you what i show you what to wear. And it would have come out a lot more quickly. Had we not had the ai. Challenge of the sil- check but instead we were given a blank check and said this product ships.

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