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Leonardo's now have super speed at at best leonardo pushes this battle right right there on that regard but a supernatural endurance as well as feats <hes> that she is accomplished in combat. This just adds up to buffy winning this fight and that is my point number three three gina. You're you're you're. You're shaking your head in agreement. Sometimes mush the most of the time you're shaking and disagreement what what's going on through your well. I think here's the thing i know buffy very well every watched it many times so i think ray got a couple of the of the finer details wrong but his his overall general point was was right like she didn't she still she did get stabbed. She was not healed but she she she did prevail. Even though she had the sabaoon she sought a broken arm but she does heal faster than average people so so his overall general point was much faster than average people. There's one point of the show. She wonders what it's like for humans to have to actually go through a healing process yeah. She's injured but she doesn't stay. She's not let me put it this wolverine but she does heal much faster than average people so his general point was correct. How durable is she. She's i don't let me rephrase the question like if she had to because i saw one episode she was fighting is is it faith faith and she she stabbed faith with their own dagger and then day and then faith gave her the biggest backhand and knocked turn down off a platform and that took her out of the fight email faith was sad and i think she needed like face blood to kind of heal herself or something or something along those chocolate yeah yeah and then face that you're not gonna have it and she's then jumped off and landed in a truck that drove off as she was so. I was like okay wait. She's durable. She'd always up with faith back and the faith backhanded her faith character much stronger than leader. Leonardo isn't gonna backhander and send her off a building one of the here's the thing so it's not an issue remember who would win matches in a death match. It could be someone you could like. We've used battlefield removal. We've gone with like 'have you've been snared. You can get trapped. There's different ways as to incapacitate somewhere. We can safely walk away when it comes to this battle. I don't see leonardo having i'm just gonna put out there. I don't even have an ability to necessarily win. Kill her. I don't impressive but that doesn't mean he can't defeat her and this is where i'm gonna go there by the way we brought up the actually i i just got the dracula's not the most powerful vampire ever depicted we did scooby doo versus <hes> michael myers a classic episode where i brought up how.

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