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Else. It's not no have device the outcome of. If you so tonight as since fought for life, really it was hard. To get the dog noses was it gave some sort of relief to know that we had lift Knowstone unto and that we'd realize that we had done everything possible to solve it for him. In victorian. We can't change anything. We just gratified. Turn impact the clinicians joins us in the fought. Missus Segreta phone. To help us along the way, you can particu you can draw them everywhere. So nothing happens or nothing. You know? And you get buy mosquito. Some believable in meeting this goal in America. He was doing what every human being wants to do. Right. He was trying to find love. He was trying to live his life. He was trying to explore the world. He was trying to get on with it, despite the incredibly bad hand that he had been dealt and he was in the presence of that radical self expression when this third incredibly rafting happened to him. You just you conscript that? Robie died in March twenty seventeen and my thanks to Greg Vivian sharing. He's in this story, so generously with us and also to doctors, Dan, swan, Andrew Duggan's and professes, Martha Wilson joy to racy. They will really affected by Roby and he's family's plot. And we're very came to share the story with you on the Tesha Mitchell. Sons friction is produced by myself Emory, Tico, San engineer, John Jacobs. You can follow me on Twitter. I'd love to hear from you. At Natasha Mitchell on high nixed up another unbelievable story from culture and science on science fiction, a controversial psychological experiment that crossed Eilon big time and the Guinea peaks that would just little kids. That's the Los boys bisciotti chain. You've been listening to an ABC podcast. Discover more great ABC podcasts. Live radio and exclusives. On the IB say listen up.

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